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Central Park, mid-July 2008 – 75
flirting tips

Image by Ed Yourdon
After visiting the Apple store in mid-town Manhattan for an unsuccessful effort to buy a new iPhone 3g (see "Waiting for iPhone 3g" for a description of what that was all about), I decided to walk through Central Park in order to get back to the Upper West Side. These pictures were taken at various points during that stroll…

At the intersection of Central Park West at 72nd Street, I turned back for a last look into Central Park — and saw this guy doing his best to charm a young woman that I think/hope was just an innocent tourist. Who knows — maybe she was his girlfriend….

Note: this photo was published in an Oct 11, 2008 blog entitled "Mommies magazine," in an article entitled "Using Both Your Natural Instincts And Conversation Skills – Flirting Tips For Women." It was also published in a Jun 6, 2010 Dating Tips blog and a Jul 26, 2010 Mate Corner blog, with the same title as the caption that I used on this Flickr page. And it was published in a Sep 8, 2011 blog titled "Leading 3 Dating Ideas for Shy Guys."

Flirt Partner
flirting tips

Image by o5com
Read the article: What to do When Your Partner’s a Flirt

Photo via Ask Men


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