Nice Dating Advice photos

A few nice dating advice images I found:

if you ever need a way to end a date just get out of the subway car [i sorta did this but not]
dating advice

Image by @MSG

AWKWORD – The Dating Game (HD) (ft. The Incomparable Shakespeare; dir. Tone Spliff) on Vimeo by AWKWORD TV
dating advice

Image by AWKWORDrap
If youve ever loved and lost, cheated or been cheated on, lied or been lied to, or got caught up in any way in the ups and downs of dating, relationships and love/hate, then you know what its like to play #TheDatingGame … In this 1280 HD video directed by Tone Spliff, New York City-based emcee and street journalist AWKWORD takes you on his emotional journey, alongside sexy Asian model MW, and featuring a guest appearance from The Incomparable Shakespeare.

Watch this video on Vimeo. Video created by AWKWORD TV.

Dating Advice from Mind Your Manners by Claire Wallace (1953)
dating advice

Image by Ann Douglas
Decline that date with grace — and don’t be embarrassed when you bump into him when you said you were busy.


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