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Day Tops
dating advice

Image by Gamma-Ray Productions
Taken at 10:53am May 26, 2010, kind of reliving a great moment in time, or the spirit of it, as I’d done something very memorable at this estimated exact moment.

Yeah, sure, tell me I’m living in the past too much. But it’s rare for me to have a day like the one I did – and what makes it special is that it was a first. Today was a beautiful sunny day exactly like the one a year ago – though a little too hot. Will tomorrow rain like it did on the 27 of May last year? Who knows. The weather on almost all of the days I’ve pinpointed here has been strangely similar.

As for my celebration of today, well, I intend on going for a walk, and maybe seeing if I can get some applications filled. Tim Horton’s never called back. And I might consider, after looking at my photo of the light post & moon, that photography might make an okay career after all.

Back to the history: As I write this it’s 11:11am – so right now, a year ago, I’d be running around the school telling teachers like Elliot, Mellow, Graham, and Mochizuki how I’d done it and gotten a ‘yes’ to their surprise and shock that I managed to do it for the first time ever. Around 1pm later on a teacher named Johnson would be giving me dating advice in excitement.

"There’s only too ways for me to be this happy – for this thing to work, and for me to have gotten popcorn chicken from the cafeteria" -Me, fourth period, Canadian & World Studies Office, to K. Mellow and D. Elliot.

15th Feb: Lost on planet love
dating advice

Image by scribbletaylor
Some good friends of mine are actively looking for love. I love listening to their stories and doling out advice even though I’m very poorly qualified – I don’t think I’ve ever been on a ‘date’ in my life and was last single over 12 years ago.

Anyway this one’s for you C, J & T. I know yesterday was a tough one for you. xxx

Wedding advice squad
dating advice

Image by robotpolisher
We were up in the Boston area for Jessie’s grandmother’s burial. It as a sad occasion, but we also got to catch up with a lot of good folks including these 4 who kindly heard us out on our various anxieties and questions about wedding venues and dates. Infinitelly patient they are.


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