Nice Dating Advice photos

Some cool dating advice images:

Chalk Farm Underground Station – near Camden Town – Google billboard – Citizens Advice Bureau
dating advice

Image by ell brown
This is Chalk Farm Underground Station. It was the closest tube stop to our hotel (in walking distance).

On the Northern line (Edgware branch).

Dates from 1907.

To get up and down you have to go in a lift (or walk up stairs – but didn’t try that apart from walking up the stairs to the lift level).

More Google Citizens Advice Bureau billboards.

“Relax, dude.. it’s our play-date time.” (Advice from the big dog to the little, tense-looking one)
dating advice

Image by spilltojill
Doggy Park Day

chapter 10: necking problems girls worry about most
dating advice

Image by mod as hell
Datebook’s Complete Guide to Dating (1960). "…more freedom requires more self-regulation if it is not to turn into highly self-destructive license–a sure road to personal misery." I’ve been remiss in posting old dating advice books, but I’ll have more (including the rest of the chapters on "necking problems")! (Oh, and translating into more recent terms, I’d say "necking" = "making out" and "petting" = "fooling around". Or whatever things get called these days…)


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