Neil Strauss picks up Jessica Alba on Jimmy Kimmel

Neil Strauss on Jimmy Kimmel talks about his book THE GAME with Jimmy and Jessica Alba


25 thoughts on “Neil Strauss picks up Jessica Alba on Jimmy Kimmel

  1. Jimmy Kimmel is a cunt. He probably never gets laid and the fact that he’s so closed minded makes him come across like a complete tool. Great to see Style completely cool during the whole interview.

  2. I disagree. I myself have been in a relationship for almost three years thanks to Strauss and some other PUAs. The most important lesson in this is improving your inner game (confidence etc.) and improving yourself as a person to the point where you’re attractive to women. Outer game is just a means of showing women you have great inner game. Unfortunately most aspiring PUAs fail to realise this and focus on outer game, which can lead to sex but rarely leads to a relationship without inner game.

  3. Agreed. Personal identity is lost when all you have is a playbook. After the game is played, you have nothing. It’s a great way to turn yourself into either a psycho or a douchebag. There will always be people that can point you out of the crowd easily and see the game at work.

    I do this all the time and think it’s hilarious that the guys who pretend they aren’t trying, are trying the hardest. Hilarity aside, it’s actually sad.

  4. you ugly as hell what the fuck you know about girls ?? gimme a break i hate these guys coming out in tv pretending- acting to be a playboy. Hey you gotta do this way if you want to take out girls, shut the fuck up.

  5. it depends if you actually want a relationship though

    I live in London, and there are PUA’s here who never go into relationships, they just get numbers, have sex, rinse lather repeat, and they’re having a fun time doing it.

  6. Nah, casual sex is great, but trying to get a different partner every night is way too far. But thats just my opinion, because i’m not that bothered about 1 night stands, but i’ve never met a girl that made me want a relationship either, so i prefer to have fuck buddy thing going on. Anyways, there are things in the game that seem a little extreme, like using hypnotism, or magic tricks, i just think its a little much. But the game is great, as long as, like most things, its played in moderation!

  7. In your first comment it seems that you are suggesting that men that aren’t looking for relationships are losers? “it is no help when it comes to relationships……the game is ultimately for losers.” I disagree

  8. I agree. To dedicate your life to being a PUA and 24/7 game study and sarging, while fun in success i’m sure, is ultimately a bit of a pathetic lifestyle. But to intergrate the lessons in the game, into your attitude and personality, and using the knowladge to better yourself and gain better social understanding and proficiency, then thats cool, and in fact, its what im trying to do. I just dont want to be an AFC looking at PUA forums all the time, letting it dominate my life (and its tempting.)

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  10. Too many men take the whole “ignoring” thing too literal and look like idiots doing so. The point is to show “indifference” so that the woman will try and prove to the man that she’s worth it. This is basic stuff that you learn (and see) through everyday social situations, but since most PUA fans are generally people who are ex-anti-socials, they never learned it.

    Nothing wrong with giving some attention to a girl you’re attracted to.

  11. The problem I’ve noticed with PUA fanatics is that they over-analyze everything and think every social situation with women is a pick up when it’s not. They become robotic and lose their own natural charisma within and become a clone of other people. It is possible to take tidbits and create your own unique way of picking up women, but many people don’t know how to do that.

  12. Which is why if you DO happen to stumble across these books – it’s best to take many of these “rules” half-heartedly. I think some of the tips these guys offer can be used in all sorts of social situations, not just dating. But it’s the ones that take everything as gospel and become robotic that are hopeless.

  13. I hear you. But i think, to be the best PUA you need to dedicate a serious portion of time to the game, thus, it dominates your life. Like Mystery says, you create your own reality, but in turn, you loose actual reality. Theres nothing wrong with having game, but it shouldn’t take over your life, like it has to many. It should be used as only as part of a balanced lifestyle (even Neil Strauss admitted letting the game take over, and only getting pleasure from being a PUA, is a losers lifestyle).

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