Mystery Pick Up Artist Uses Magic To Pick Up Girls In Bars Learn the secrets of using magic to meet girls. Learn this trick and more at PUMA Skills (Pick Up Magic Artist) Mystery, the Pick Up Artist from VH1 and The Game uses magic but he doesn’t teach the secrets. PUMA Skills does


23 thoughts on “Mystery Pick Up Artist Uses Magic To Pick Up Girls In Bars

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  2. I shudder reflecting upon my shameful treatment of young women as a gang member in my 20s.

    One time my crew were in a titty bar, when I forced one girl to fellate me while another fellated my gun. The girl sucking the barrel wept like a child- but I’d paid $2000 & her boss threatened a severe beat-down if she didn’t ‘perform’. It was a miracle of self-control that I didn’t pull the trigger as I ejaculated.

    Through counselling, I have now come to realise my gun/penis confusion was not healthy.

  3. @gdbictv
    Girls are literally fighting over me these days. It’s all about showing her the right signals. Watch this video if you want to learn >

  4. How about I’ll just download it for free and not pay a penny. Will that work too or it won’t work if I don’t pay?

  5. SMH @ Mystery. what an Idiot. Tricks get old. Be yourself guys, its funny he doesnt show when he gets turned down. And he dresses like a fool.

  6. Guys,

    It’s really not hard to pick up girls. You just need to educate yourself and luckily, there’s some sick guides out there. “The Game” by Neil Strauss started things off for me and most recently, I’ve been using the techniques from P.Box.

    Here’s what you need to do:

    Step 1: Go to MackMethods. com

    Step 2: Get the “pandoras box” program

    Step 3: Use the tips and blend it in with your own twist

    Picking up girls is a skill. Educate yourself and you’ll laugh at how easy it is.

  7. haha i love the way you just dhv to that guy and neg’ed him about 3 times… perfect example of game im sure ur getting it in if u apply that to the field

  8. i can practically taste the jealousy in your words. youre way too obvious on the internet i can’t imagine you in real life. you really shouldn’t give yourself away like that.

  9. OR…im just being an egomaniac and bragging about all the ass I get. maybe I didn’t wake up and say “im going to talk about my dick on youtube today”

  10. oh do I ;) see we can argue on youtube but the fact remains. pussy comes to me, youd be surprised how fast rumors spread my friend. i love watching girls slob all over my shit knowing theyre gonna tell their girlsfriends later on. today im bangin this girl who doesnt know i fucked her cousin last week ;p

  11. it is not about being a magician , or what ever . He is being himself, he is a illsionst, magician, he do that for living. You are jumping to conclusions without ever listening what he is saying. He says that your routine has to be conguent with yourself, it is not about doing tricks, it is not about being yourself, IT IS ABOUT BEING YOURBESTSELF. p.s. it’s not what you said it is how you say it !

  12. my thoughts exactly. That’s probably why you dont see 10s falling for this kind of approach. Being witty and seductive without talking so damn much like this guy, is so much more natural.

  13. I dont get it… Everytime I see a dude playing the game and doing shit like that I just think what a loser… cant even keep the girl interested by talking to her like a normal person. Cant the girls see through the acting? Its all fake and you look so desperate if your “peacocking” or using magic… The best way to get attention is to just be yourself and talk about something interesting, and its so much easier than learning corny magic tricks.

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