Mystery Method Workshop 2002 by Santiago Carrera 19
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24 thoughts on “Mystery Method Workshop 2002 by Santiago Carrera 19

  1. welllll if you had half a brain you would realize the knowledge of psychology and human behavior you can learn by watching PUA videos and understanding how “the game” works. It’s more than just picking up woman, its an art, a study.

  2. go into makeup counters…. that is freakin brilliant. i’m gunna grow some balls and do it.
    “you can either impress your guys or the girls, but you cant do both.” to all those guys against the wall…. later suckers

  3. nah there is such thing as bitches, “girls who look to play men for money,”, or even if your just being geniune, making a joke or w/e, and girls assume that your hitting on them,

  4. neil is VERY good. watched several other clips of others and even of pretty girls’ advices and they are all boring and not in depth or insightful as neil. neil is beyond looks and about human depths. good videos bro. keep it up. :P

  5. “false accusations of assault or rape, or married women (sans guilt) who have a jealous husband with a vindictive streak a mile long—and she didn’t tell you she was married.”

    - That’s an entirely different subject not related to this video.

  6. “Also, why does everyone care about PUA guru exploits?”

    - I couldn’t care less myself. I only wish to know for educational purposes, that’s all.

    “The truth is that they are living through these cocksuckers vicariously”

    - You are painting everyone with a broad brush. Very few people just follow these guys private lives THAT closely. Ultimately, thier “exploits” bear no consequence to people’s personal lives. Like you said, focus on yourself and your own achivements.

  7. “Because these guys are hacks that are ripping people off.”

    - Where’s the proof of that?

    “If I don’t need to go to seminars and other associated pap and still attract women’s attention and get friends with benefits type of situations without it, what does that say about Strauss and Mystery?”

    - It doesn’t say anything about Style or Mystery. It just means you had enough ability to attract women and congrats. It in no way invalidates anything these 2 teach however.

  8. What a scam. All PUA- Mystery Method, Neil Strauss and structured game is a scam. They’re one and the same if you google “Adam Lyons should I spill the beans?” (he was a Mystery Method UK instructor) which shows the friendless the reality of socialising.

    $1300 Adam’s Lyons Bootcamp

    $3000-$4000 Love Systems/Venusian Arts Bootcamp

    $7000 Adam Lyons 7 day course

    so if you want I’ll happily take $11,300 via PayPal with a follow up telephone consultation FREE of charge- LOL

  9. k look, i honestly don’t care to be responding, this i’m just going to point out to you what you just said to ME 
    “You’re STILL responding to me after all this time?
    Fucking loser.”


  10. agreed the money people pay for seminars is ludicrous and stupid. also i dont care about their exploits i care about what i do, i do well enough i simply add a technique here and there form watchng, reading this shit for FREE, dont worry lol im not the typical loser on this page, though of course you can assume it

  11. i like you sir, and agree with your comments, going out ‘on the field’ you do learn the dark side, oh and mystery and style also fail to mention that 9/10 you try it on a girls whos got a boyfriend you end up in a fight, the method doesnt do fuck all to avert that haha yeah man those std bitches.. yet bareback is better, gotta stop doing it though

  12. haha oh dont worry man, i read the game book but got given it for free, and as far as these seminars go watching them on here is as far as it goes for me, im not paying my hard earned money to learn how to pickup girls, i already am good with girls, i merely use this stuff to improve my game, tbh i find objectifying women is good, sooo im gonna keep going that way, some of these guys are a bit sad the way they go in on you on here

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