Mystery Method Style Part 1

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22 thoughts on “Mystery Method Style Part 1

  1. @equality229 – To further emphasize your point about looks, I read a study once about which particular group of men and women had the hardest time finding/keeping partners of the opposite sex. On the women’s side, the ones who had the hardest time finding dates and keeping relationships were either overweight by a good amount or generally unattractive.
    But on the men’s side, the ones who had the hardest time were the unemployed or lacking a steady living. That says a lot right there…

  2. them feel attracted, and it’s SO MUCH more powerful to make women feel attracted to you then think they should be attracted to you, every day this sinks in more and more. remember these posts, it kills me when people are so misinformed.

  3. WILL become amazing with women. Any man can have his choice of any woman if he’s good enough, check out that system you won’t regret it and some honorable mention for best systems for attracting women are Real world seduction, Magic bullets, Venusian arts revelation there are some more but none really compare to the tao of badass system but the things I listed are deffinatly good too. Now remember this looks don’t matter to women, they will not make them stick around and will not make (Continue)

  4. can get really whoever they want, for example a hot woman can really have very attractive men at her disposal if she wanted to but doesn’t happen because looks to women don’t really mean anything. Now since I proved my point I got into attracting women for about 9 months ago and have become VERY successful with women, lots of good material out there and there is alot more bad material, now the best system I used was definatly the tao of badass, if you learn the stuff on there you (Continue)

  5. There was thin interview with Brad Pitt where he said that when he first moved to Hollywood, that he couldn’t find a date, now that really proves my point here. When you think that you are attractive then you bring the mental frame and mindset that is very confident, which is WAY more attractive to women than the looks. You may seem to see alot of really women with ugly guys and that also shows that looks don’t really matter at all because really attractive women if you think (Continue)

  6. So attraction to get women is almost based soley on demonstrating that you as a man are pre-selected and have a high social value, so when getting women to feel attracted to you looks mean pretty much nothing. To men looks are everything, so a HUGE misconception is that attraction works the same way for men as with women which is totally false. Now when you think you are a attractive guy it brings that huge confidence vide to women you meet and it’s like catnip to then (Continue)

  7. Guys I have had the tao of badass for a long time and I have become VERY good with women. As I go on, and get more experianced I realize just how superficial looks are to women, they really don’t mean that much at all. Having skills, experiance, the proper beliefs, behaviors, and BODY LANGUAGE, carry SO MUCH more weight than looks. I tell you what looks will do for you as a man, they will get a woman initially curious, and more open/ giving you more of a chance if you mess up (Continue)

  8. Check this out guys!

    There’s a “Womanly Arts Bootcamp” offered by a woman named MAMA GENAS who presentes herself as a guru for women (female PUAs), with the motto of “use pleasure to have your way with the world.” (do a google search for Womanly Arts and it’ll turn up).

    One of the bootcamps is even priced at $997!! (a number ending in 7!)

    Do men think her methods can help fat, ugly women seduce any man or have their way with the world? discuss!

  9. @InspectorMontelbano1 – That’s the classic mistake of projecting your own attraction dynamic onto women. Once again (say it with me now): WOMEN ARE NOT MEN! They do not value looks the same way men do in women, there is no real reason for them to.

    You little observational anecdotes are meaningless since I have seen the exact opposite situation happen as well… Men get turned on (largely) through what they see, women get turned on by the “experience” a man can provide for her. Big difference.

  10. “Women will forgive mistakes from a guy, if they deem him hot enough in their eyes..”

    - That’s true… and becoming “hot in thier eyes” comes about by what FEELINGS the guy can generate within her.

    Happens way too many times, girls are totally attracted to some guy and say how hot and good looking he is. Meanwhile, the guy (in my eyes) looks very, very average. In other words, guys magically become “good looking” visualy by how successful he is at pushing her attraction buttons.

  11. “when anyone with a half a brain in their head, knows that looks do matter.”

    - They matter yes… but not in the way you think they do.

  12. Lack of ugliness is not all there is to attraction. If Brad Pitt was a slouching, socially inept loser who became visibly shaken by the idea of talking to women do you think he would still be attractive? Read some psychology studies on attraction and you will soon realise that women value the way men look much less than the way they act. Also, still not following your logic, you can learn PUA for free, so how exactly is it a scam?

  13. hi guys i’ve tried a lot of methods but the best one I’ve found is The Tao Of Badass !! it changed my sex life !! press like if u agree with me !! anyway
    this is a youtube link for those who want to check it out :

  14. You’re right, looks do matter, but so does every other part of one’s game. A guy who is a 9/10 will only get so far if other parts of his game are lacking, similarly, a guy who is a 4/5 can be a sick PUA if the rest of his game is perfected. Also, you say PUA is a scam? You can learn everything you need to know without paying any money at all, the online resources for PUA are incredibly extensive.

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