Mystery Method Open a SET

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25 thoughts on “Mystery Method Open a SET

  1. That visceral feeling you get when seeing someone be or do something annoying often is because it reminds you of something you dislike about yourself. – It’s very common and happens all the time. – Responses usually ends in attacks, e.g. “faggot”. lol

  2. Check this out guys!

    There’s a “Womanly Arts Bootcamp” offered by a woman named MAMA GENAS who presentes herself as a guru for women (female PUAs), with the motto of “use pleasure to have your way with the world.” (do a google search for Womanly Arts and it’ll turn up).

    One of the bootcamps is even priced at $997!! (a number ending in 7!)

    Do men think her methods can help fat, ugly women seduce any man or have their way with the world? discuss!

  3. The one on “be the bad boy,com” is better dude. If you think chicks are complicated, you won’t after reading that sheit :)

  4. Just do a search or add the “com” to the end. I’ve read it, it’s good. A lot of it has to do with female psychology; which has def. helped me figure out the girls I’m trying to get with.

  5. Dude fuck this Mack Methods shit. Those top comments are always people that are paid for advertisement and use multiple accounts for thumbs up, same with that bethebadboy thing. Although I admit that this bethebadboy is not bad I would stick to the Mystery Method. The best book for that is Magic Bullets from Savoy. You can probably find it for free on the internet as a torrent or whatever.

  6. “Ppl been hooking up thousands of years, or we would be extinct!”

    - True… but none of this is about merely “hooking up” to avoid extinction.

    “Be yourself and you’ll find your best match”

    - That’s nice, but where does it say on the video the purpose is to “find your best match”?

  7. For a secret method hidden in this video hit Ctrl+Alt+Right Arrow key. It will make you see this video in a whole new way!

  8. Why did’nt I think of BS’ing for cash? Ppl been hooking up thousands of years, or we would be extinct! Be yourself and you’ll find your best match. Hint Jerk=bxtch, player=ho, nice guy=screwed, friend=friend.

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