Mystery Method DVD Revelation 03

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32 thoughts on “Mystery Method DVD Revelation 03

  1. i don’t understand why masters like matador, mystery or lovedrop take the girls in their arm early in the set, as part of the kino escalation. It just seems too much to me. What do u think ?

  2. Guys,

    It’s not that hard to pick up girls. You just need to educate yourself and luckily, there are some sick guides out there. “The Game” by Neil Strauss started things for me and most recently I’ve been using the techniques from

    Here’s what you need to do..

    Step 1: Go to MackMethods. com

    Step 2: Get the “pandoras box” program

    Step 3: Use the tips and blend it with your own twist

    Picking up girls is a skill. Educate yourself a bit and you’ll see how easy it can be.

  3. “omg why dont you shave your chest?” …. “OMG Why dont you shave your face?” . Im not getting waxed for a while just so i can use that now haha.

  4. the whole point Neil was making in “The Game” wasn’t that PUA is the best thing since sliced bread, but rather that it’s a tool that, if abused, can rob you of your basic humanity and social awareness. Neil realized that everybody around him was turning into a robot void of normal social interaction and he didn’t want to turn into that. The moral of the story is not to become the best version of what somebody is telling you to be, but to be the best version of yourself.

  5. Nope, missed the point again…

    I do care about what works, but as I said in my last post, nobody “created” it because nobody “created” attraction… the dynamics which cause attraction has existed since the dawn of time. Not Mystery, not Style, not you, not ANYONE is responsible for magical techniques. Men and women have been designed to respond how they respond.

    I’ll watch/read what anyone has to say on a subject I’m interested in. Be he a pro or not, but I still learn from expereince.

  6. Too bad you aren’t as sure of yourself when hitting on women as you are when insulting me. That says an awful lot.

    If you care about what works, then you care about who created it. If you find your way to this video, you obviously think the guys you saw on TV are the big experts, even if you weren’t there when all this first went down.

    If you knew anything about high-quality women, you’d know they don’t choose men in public, sto you won’t see what *really* works.

  7. and your words effectively say you’re an obsessed troll…

    Actually, I don’t attribute any pickup technique to ANYONE. I honestly couldn’t care less, the only thing that matters to me is when I personally go out and I see for myself what works and what doesn’t.

    Remember: what everyone referrs to as “attraction technique” was already laid out way before any of us entered into existance, it’s encoded in the human species. All we can do is re-discover what has already been there for centuries.

  8. You don’t even realize that a lot of what you attribute to Strauss and Mystery was created by others. For example, I’m the one who created the “pivot” technique you read about in the game. You may not care who created the pivot, but if you want new advice, you’ll care if you go to a copycat instead of the original source.

    Do you believe everything you see on TV? Do you think Activon is “powerful pain relief?” It’s WAX!

    Your words effectively say you’re a media-brainwashed idiot.

  9. Are you shocked to hear a Rolling Stone writer couldn’t get laid? Most women hear the word “writer” and envision a low-paid, unsociable geek (regardless of the magazine). Or did you confuse “writer” with “pro NBA player” or “Hollywood club owner”?

    I’m glad the “world class PUAs” don’t go to bars… the rest of us have to start somewhere !

    Oh, and whatever anyone calls an “accomplishment” is up to them. Some people call running 6 hours straight an accomphisment.

  10. Take a loolk at the woman Mystery wound up with and then get back to me with any claim that he’s got game. He’s got fame and money so he should have been banging Miss America with his “skills.”

    Check out sites like PUAHate if you want a less biased insight into how this industry works. Maybe you’re pretending to be ignorant because it suits you, but if not, you’re not smqart enough to attract a world-class female.

    I was there when this all began; you were not. Do some homework.

  11. So a famous Rolling Stone writer couldn’t get laid? Please. Status and connections are NOT “game.” You think entertaining bar sluts is an accomplishment? That’s what “players” do. The type of women the truly world-class PUAs get don’t even go to bars.

    You’re not reacting to Strauss and Mystery anyway; you’re reacting to the MEDIA. They could have put anyone up there and you’d be singing their praises too.

    Name two women that Neil Strauss has seduced, if he’s so great.

  12. Neil and Mystery are sharp blades. Neil was a F6786kn Rolling Stone journalist, interviewed Madonna etc., hardly a dweeb at home like my sorry ass. And because they were nerdish and smart, they were ripe candidates for success, either as playboys or playboy teachers (who were never playboys). Last night I watched some players in action, and they dropped key words..totally canned, but they seemed to work a treat. One of the things they got over me is that they control guys.

  13. That one can benefit from teaching does not make competent anyone who calls themselves a teacher. Most people weren’t even around when all this theory first dropped; I was, and dropped a lot of it myself (like the pivot).

    Status and money do not “attract” women to anything but the status and the money. Ever had a shit job you hate? Is the love of your paycheck the love of your boss?

    Neil claimed he seduced tons of women in Hollywood before Lisa; name two.

  14. NO..but it don’t mean guys can’t benefit from making explicit, the moves, gestures, mind-sets..or whatever they are called, to help them. Men hunt for beauty – something words can’t touch. But woman hunt for things that words can mess with – status, promises, humour…etc…

  15. @Walther Larsen – , No, Mystery is not a narcisist. Anyone who has looked into some of his background (and not making a blanket statement based on these short instructional clips) would know this.

  16. @BettorOffSingle – That’s true, there may be different reasons for being overweight (medical, not a priority, ect.) But our inherant instinctual response to such people (in the “mating game”) still leads to non-attraction… regardless of the true reasons.

    Maybe those 30 million people didn’t ignore the same ideas on the internet, they just needed the lesson to be explained and summerized in a different way by someone who is a great communicator with insight… that’s exactly what Neil is.

  17. @Ghost572 not all who are overweight are mentally weak. Some just have different priorities. Same for guys who don’t chase success. They still want “love” in a shallow world, so that’s where reality meets the road, but I wouldn’t call the people inferior.

    A much bigger question raised by Strauss is why 30 million people who now worship his work, all but ignored the same ideas when they were free on the internet, and much more effective.

    A media-brainwshed audience is “mentally weak.”

  18. @Ghost572 – Which is exactly why in general, men are not drawn to really fat women…. however nice they may be as people, attraction isn’t a choice, it plays by it’s own rules. Yes, overweight women subconciously signal to males that she is unhealthy, lacks self-control and doesn’t care about her appearance.

    That’s why despite the attempts of the media to push “plus-size” modeling into the spotlight, you’ll never see such a woman in Playboy or Maxim magazines.

  19. I think the thing is people who are fat show some mental weakness and some levle of unhealthyness which isn’t attractive, a women can always look better if she isn’t the size of an elephant.

  20. it’s like “spirituality”.. Some people meditate to get the effect of focus, relaxation and concentration. Others spin a yarn of bullshit around it to make it sound more mysterious and magic than just the real functions..

    Neil is like the first example with pickup, Mystery is like the second

  21. Check this out guys!

    There’s a “Womanly Arts Bootcamp” offered by a woman named MAMA GENAS who presentes herself as a guru for women (female PUAs), with the motto of “use pleasure to have your way with the world.” (do a google search for Womanly Arts and it’ll turn up).

    One of the bootcamps is even priced at $997!! (a number ending in 7!)

    Do men think her methods can help fat, ugly women seduce any man or have their way with the world? discuss!

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