Mystery Method 9 The 3 second rule

The master of Pick Up Artist “Mystery” talks about how to become a PUA. On this video Mystery covers the topic of “3 Second Rule”. Basically it just means that when you see a girl you’d like to approach, you should approach her within 3 seconds if not fear will take over and make it harder to talk to her.


19 thoughts on “Mystery Method 9 The 3 second rule

  1. MM’s video encyclopedia is a fantastic program. I was up to my nipples in first class trim in a matter of weeks. I’ve seen his programs on sale at ‘sell dot com’ for less than 10 bucks each. I wish I had seen them before I paid a couple of hundred.

  2. dude she came into my work today.. I over heard her talking with a friend about how she was singing and had a music video.. so I had to ask her who she was… jesus christ I’m glad I did..

  3. @lklrvcx yeah I know what you mean BTW! have a look at this video it shows some really powerful techniques –>

  4. @sxc673 – Your post was a great example of typical male logic and thinking… that is, whatever appears different or stands out from the norm is to be distrusted, avoided and disdained.

    Unfortunately for you, women don’t use male logic… so while you’re busy having a period over Mystery’s eyeliner and ponytail, a woman will be busy fascinating over what makes this guy tick since he dared to stand out and push the social limits of acceptability.

    He’s already won a good part of the battle…

  5. Oh yeah, was really hoping for something else, though this three-second rule makes a fair bit of sense. Life lessons.

  6. Look at this asshole. Nice ponytail and eyeliner, guy. I’m supposed to take advice from this turd? I don’t need all the ornaments on my face and “look at me” hairstyle, thanks.

  7. t’s called a 3 second rule
    Like the kinda rules you had in school
    It’s just my 3 second rule
    It’s designed to keep my man in line as long as he knows the 3 second rule oh oh yea

  8. @tithxei yeah ive met some babes that way AND this is far the best pickup video ive seen so far check it out –>

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