Mystery Method 5 Love drop on body language.mp4

The master of Pick Up Artist “Mystery” talks about how to become a PUA. On this video Love Drop talks about body language. You dont want to seek report because it lowers your social value. Instead Love drop shows how not to face the set when you open then after a few seconds you change your body language and face the set. Also do not lean in to the set. Instead just talk louder. Also do not figuet while talking to a set. Don’t follow a set instead just keep talking. Girls respond to social value. If you demonstrate social value a girl will respond more you.
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6 thoughts on “Mystery Method 5 Love drop on body language.mp4

  1. Hey great stuff, thanks for uploading this! I’m new to this PUA-thing, and I read one should talk over the shoulder. But I asked myself when I should face them then. How long should I talk over my shoulder? Lovedrop explains it perfectly. Now I can go out and try, for the first time…

  2. Holy fuck, I did this at work without even realizing it. She walked away and looked at me weird. Then at the end of the day I had positioned myself just like this and she stopped her direction of travel and then followed me. This is hysterical, I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why she gave me the cold shoulder at the beginning, but not the end of the day.

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