Mystery Method 3 Tribal Leader.mp4

The master of Pick Up Artist “Mystery” talks about how to become a PUA. On this video Mystery covers the topic of “Tribal Leader”

The master of Pick Up Artist “Mystery” talks about how to become a PUA. On this video Mystery covers the topic of “Competence”


11 thoughts on “Mystery Method 3 Tribal Leader.mp4

  1. @antihero355 – So you came back over harassment issues involving a confusing bunch of acronyms? Sounds like a youtube comment version of Grease, with T Birds and Scorpions…
    funny stuff ! Thanks for the laugh…

  2. I wouldn’t have to keep coming back here if you PUA’s would stop harassing MRA’s/MGTOW’s. You people really get butthurt whenever someone rejects your little personality cult. To use your terminology, PUA’s are beta males masquerading as alpha males. That’s why you’re so insecure. You’re not an original thinker. You’re only able to use cookie-cutter PUA formulas to argue with me, and your only concern when choosing your words is “is this helping me peacock effectively?” You have no integrity.

  3. @antihero355 – It wasn’t an elementary school line. It was a very real observation… your first comment was so out there, you had to have drawn it from personal experience.

    It’s also very strange (and hilarious) that you seem to hate mystery yet here you are looking up his videos again.

    That’s all fine and good, but please go get help for your homosexual fixations… looks like you can’t post without male on male sex entering your brain somehow.

  4. Looks like someone’s too chicken to respond to me in a way that will get noticed in my inbox. I guess if an elementary school line like that is the best you can come up with, I can’t blame you. Continue sucking Mystery’s dick. He’s your tribal leader, right?

  5. Mystery your a hero, dont let the AFC’s f*** my oppurtunity over of getting great information from you. Cheers!

  6. Lets send Mystery to prison and see if he’s the tribal leader in there. I bet Bubba will love his “too bad I’m gay” line.

  7. Wow, Thanks a million .
    I felt so much better when I heard his opinion on confidence .
    And I thought this was all I needed .
    Thank You Erik …

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