Mystery Method 1

The master of Pick Up Artist “Mystery” talks about how to become a PUA.
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22 thoughts on “Mystery Method 1

  1. @geq3102 – The old “it doesn’t work” argument ! I was hoping we’d have moved past that, but I guess not…

    Actually, everything he says is just plain old 100% common sense, nothing here is radical or outrageous (once you put your personal bias aside). If you read his book, you’d have a proper context for these short clips.

    Sounds like you’ve been watching too many detective shows on TV… I could easily say women at clubs are playing a “con” by putting on fake nails and make-up.

  2. With the differenc, that the chick’s game of dressing up actually WORKS on men, while Mystery’s blabber is just that : blabber.

    The truth is this :
    The con tricks he encourages you all to play on chicks, he is playing on his audience. HE’s just as FAKE towards his audience, as he tells it to be to chicks.

    Watch his vids with this thought in mind, and you’ll see it’s true.

  3. @Wize Minsc – Because a big part of pickup is learning how to raise one’s perceived personal value in the eyes of as many women as possible… paying for prostitutes has the opposite effect.

    Typical male logic is geared towards being efficiant and practical (like your suggestion). Those 2 qualites are of very little use in attracting women.

  4. @b1naryd1g1t5 – That line about “Having to become someone you’re not” I’ve always found laughable. We’ve all had to “become someone we’re not” at various times in our lives, be it to learn new skills or to get certain reactions from different kinds of people we encounter in our lives. None of us behave exactly the same way for everybody and we’re all multi-facteted. There are times we force ourselves to smile because we care to put someone else at ease…

    All of this is no different.

  5. @b1naryd1g1t5 – There’s a saying: Pickup is not about fooling a woman into choosing an inferior set of goods, but about actually becoming the best choice.

    All this is really no more of a con than women putting on make-up and styling thier hair to visually stand out and look attractive to men. It’s just that women’s attraction techniques have become very commercialized and mainstream for decades thanks to the media. Yet nobody thinks twice about that… this is just the men’s version of that.

  6. These seminars are designed for the most desperate of the hopeless. however, it’s not always a bad idea to listen to what other people have to bring to the table. often times you come across a little detail here of there worth incorporating into your own game.

  7. Philosophically and biologically what Mystery says is true (and frankly not a secret long before he was born), but putting all of this stuff into practice seems like sort of a con to me. Having to become someone you’re not to essentially run a con game on women. Im all for getting laid, but come on.

  8. I don’t think that would work, hot girls get approached all the time this way, and that’s the reason we look on youtube for advice to do things in a different way.
    I think what you are describing here only work for 5s and 4s.

  9. what a dick ! every girl i know thinks hes a creep. all the girls ive seen him with are fuckers and chuckers. heres my tip guys . Easyest way to meet a girl is firstlly to be there ! and second is to smile and say hello ! then ask them anything that doesnt require a yes or know answere and now your having a conversation which will lead to more . Ask her what are you doing today? Whats that your drinking? what do you think of the band? .Just be your self and forget the game playing . Easy .

  10. First time I have seen Mystery, I can see why he is so good at pick-up. However, I can see why style got sick of his rambling, crossing eastern-europe.

  11. hehe, im here cos of the bas rutten vids on your channel and clicked this out of curiosity.
    Guys! if you wana impress the girls then learn how to dance! And relaaax! =D

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