Miss Popularity: Your Style, Your Friends, Your Choices

Miss Popularity: Your Style, Your Friends, Your Choices

  • You are the product of your choices ¿ what will you choose for your life?
  • Complete more than 60 fun mini games to gain the respect and admiration of your parents, friends and boyfriend.
  • Meet up with your best friends at the mall for makeovers and hot gossip or put on your favorite outfit and dance the night away!
  • Send your ¿in game’ friends a text message about a must-see hip-hop band playing at the club!
  • Help your parents and do your homework to gain permission to go to the mall or to get a cell phone.

Miss Popularity offers wholesome fun for tweens, teens and twenty-somethings that brings fun and flirting to the boy-meets-girl world of dating

List Price: $ 19.99



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