Love Systems Workshop on Fox News

Love Systems Pickup Artist instructor Savoy and master PUA Sinn teach mean in-field how to pickup women in clubs and bars. On national television Fox News you will see Savoy and Sinn in action with live video that shows how Love Systems can help you get the girl. If you want to find out more on picking up women, dating, and relationships please visit Love Systems 1640 Wilcox Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028 (323) 836-0150
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22 thoughts on “Love Systems Workshop on Fox News

  1. I brought Nick Savoy’s magic bullets handbook and thought it was really good. Complete step by step full game structure with detailed explanation of the steps. Thank you Love Systems! I was wondering if Nick Savoy has any in field videos?

  2. in the game of pua asian guys and hindu guys have to be more agressive with not making mistakes…cause any girl from another race specially from the states …the stereotypes obout asians and hindu guys is really bad…..


    (still too broke to take of the.webs lol)

    i literally break down all the fallacies in mystery method and other PUA techniques and show you why theyre all bullshit! :) i took my time and did this because i got tired of people falling for these idiots like i once did… :/

  4. Actually, Love Systems is built on the premise that you don’t need lots of money to meet, attract, or date beautiful women. Just check out our many resources on inexpensive dates and fun things to do that don’t cost a lot of money.

  5. Neil Strauss is 5ft6in tall. (167 cm)
    A girl mostly don’t care about how short you are, but she cares if you cares.

  6. @Driven763
    i’m 5’8 and i get girl who are 5’7-5’11
    its all game, confidence! its hard but its possible… keep trying!

  7. No you jus have no game. I’m 5’7″ Short guys have the advantage of bein closer to face to face with girls and they can build that quicker rapport

  8. Reading that truly inspires me, I know I can make up for it. I thought about how other guys have it easy that they don’t have to work as hard to be tall as I do. I won’t commit suicide man, I will live with this lesson and learn from it!!

  9. Although height helps, it’s not the ultimate fix or solution. We have really short instructors too who date women taller than them.

  10. I get no attention from girls because I’m SHORT. I can’t help it, i’m gonna commit suicide because no one likes shorties! damn and all I wanted was a 6′ girl to love too

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