Love Systems Demonstrates Pickup Techniques on the Dr. Phil Show Part 1

Pickup instructors Savoy, consultant to the VH1 The Pickup Artist show, and The Don on Dr. Phil episode “women beware.” They prove to Dr. Phil that Love Syst…
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29 thoughts on “Love Systems Demonstrates Pickup Techniques on the Dr. Phil Show Part 1

  1. Those are some pretty terrible women there if they’re easily attracted to that kind of thing.
    I think it’s better to not generalize a whole sex based on some sort of primitive social norm.

  2. Not all. A lot but not all.
    But that’s still unfortunate that grown adults would do something like that; following norms rather than going after what they want if they’re perfectly capable(I.E. outgoing, sociable)

  3. A lot of the lines and strategies are training wheels for new guys. The people who have been doing this for awhile often make their own lines. I personally became a natural (not using any preplanned lines). Even if a girl knows your “Game” she won’t care because you are an attractive person and confident. I doesn’t bother me a girls upper eyelids doesn’t naturally change to match the color of her dress. So it won’t bother her if you say something funny you read out of a book.

  4. dude you are so right, its like you’re preaching to the choir, that’s why money for plastic surgery in some cases is very advantageous ha ha but seriously though, and money ohhh money we know that means a major percentage.

  5. my friend they are forgetting the basic principles, study david de, mystry, style and outsource savoy they all explain it in detail, if a guy takes rejection too seriously and allows it to hurt him as bad as you mentioned, he is not performing the art properly, if u know the rules & don’t follow them thats worst than not knowing the rules, if we consider dating as a search for your soul mate rejection at any point wouldn’t mean anything
    dont be an AFC & think sex is a need & dating is the game

  6. That’s what I mean though. Every PUA will have his oneitis, which is usually the one that will break him and cause him to question his entire journey, for some this new resistance may just be too much.

    It isn’t raised enough. I’ve seen a good few many men fall to despair over a few girls saying no after previously receiving years of straight out success or persuasion.

  7. dear friend, you have raised a very valid point in fact i am happy you asked this question, I am happy to tell you our entire community exist because women have rights to make their choices, right to say no, right to say & do what they want
    we don’t force woman to like us, we just try to present our selves better, no PUA himself has 100% rate of success because even the best of us come across a girl who says “No” so if u don’t want something say “No” we PUAs would respectfully leave u alone

  8. As someone who’s studied this sort of thing for years. All I can say is it’s dangerous teaching men this. Men who seek this range from the overtly horny type who just want sex to the lonely man trying to find the right woman.

    I think LoveSystems needs to also advertise how much PUA can potentially ruin/worsen someone’s life. Look at Mystery. Look at a lot of the men who found success, how many aren’t struggling with having their new reputation?

  9. Trust me I’ve gotten into this stuff for awhile applied it and fuck women all the time and it’s amazing. Teaching a woman not to get attracted with PUA tactics and behaviors is the pretty much the same as teaching men not to get attracted to tits and ass. There’s no way women can’t be attracted to it and that’s the truth.

  10. i had many woman in my life and i can tell you one fact. If she doesnt like your looks, forget it! you can say whatever you want, try every magical technique and you wont get anything from her. Getting a phone number istn a success guys!!! it means nothing. i got like 100 of numbers and the most part didnt wanted go for a coffy or anything as i called. some of them didnt even pick up!! Woman tell you your not their type. So they dont tell youre ugly and she doesnt like you! period.

  11. I’m saying its all based one the 7 basic fundamentals, and yes inner game is the most important part of game. And i agree routines don’t matter

  12. Uhm. It changes on the matter that Inner Game is way more important now than it was in the past. Even tho the basics (Magic Bullets) are still there, I’ve experienced more success by learning about Inner Game than learning routines.

    And sorry if I’m ruinning your plan, but the marketing technique of saying “Routines give you confidence” is bullshit. You want confidence, your practice. Over and over. You learn to get in state easy. No need for 2nd hand stuff.

    Routines are failling. PU changed.

  13. This is evolutionary psychology. It hasn’t changed for thousands of years, so it won’t change next month

  14. (sorry for double-posting. Blame youtube). So, IMO, you guys do a great work and help a great number of people. But books like “The Game” (which was read by millions of women world-wide)… Bad idea. Bad, bad idea.

  15. Actually guys I’ve seen a fair number of complains (an I’ve experienced it a couple of times on foreign countries) about women who said “Oh, so you’re doing push/pull on me?” and similar questions.

  16. It’s never a bad thing to bring attention to the general blue-bill society about the problems men face establishing relationships with women. Women care little about the issues men face…

  17. These women bitch when men approach them, and bitch when they aren’t being approached…. there’s just no winning for men.

  18. They still like it. Trust them by their actions, not what they say. Come on man, this is a basic knowledge of women… their actions prove far more honest than what they say they like.

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  20. Being a PUA is being confident, honest, interested in them and communicative. Women dream for men like that. You’re not learning tricks or swindles, you’re just improving who you are and packaging yourself into something women love.

  21. I took the test just as if Steve P was putting me in a spell and it definitely shifted my negative inner voice to a Goofy voice. I just hope this stay the same in field.

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