Los Angeles Pickup Artist Lair: What is the PUA Kino Turn? (1/5)

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5 thoughts on “Los Angeles Pickup Artist Lair: What is the PUA Kino Turn? (1/5)

  1. Most women are very toxic, and not fit for relationships or marriage. Most men don’t know how to recognize these women. Most PUAs are still pretty desperate and don’t reject hot women since they don’t get many. I had so many to choose from in my prime I started looking inside to sort them out.

    Read the free books in my profile for more information. It’s only logical that a world-class PUA wouldn’t be worried about getting laid. Watch Investigation:Discovery for more examples.

  2. The world where advice like this worked no longer exists. The internet has taken away almost every edge a PUA could have. It doesn’t matter what type of game you run if all she has to do is put up a picture on facebook or Twitter to have rich, famous, high-status alpha males (real ones, not the PUA posers) to choose from. All you have now is a ruthlessly efficient, global dating market.

    It’s like what e-bay did to auction houses. The only thing to teach now is how to avoid toxic women.

  3. it’s instincts, words don’t matter. beginners think about what to say. advanced think how to say it. experts think where to fuck her.

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