Long Distance Relationships

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10 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationships

  1. i wish i was in a relationship where my significant other was 3 hours away. try living in japan and having your girl live on the east cpoast of the states….

  2. long distance realtionships are very difficutlt. but so true , you have to ! work very hard to be together. without that you have no future

  3. my and my husband are in a LDR and i live in USA and he lives in Palestine. that is $2000 dollars whevener i can go see him but he is comming to live with me soon. i think long distance is good cuz is not all about physical stuff its love for a long time, without anything.

  4. I just posted this video on two of my close friends pages on myspace because this is all about them…………. In fact she just told him that she wanted out because the distance and no time spent together was killing them.

  5. another good one lol it like goes without saying for ur videos but yeah this one caught my eye cuz it had to do with long distance and i was really hoping me nd my gf had a shot to be togther and this just reninforced tht thanks alot hog catch ya later

  6. i completely agree with this vid. my last two relationships ended up being long distance. one was because i went off to college and the other was because my girlfriend graduated college and moved back home. long distance relationships suck for all the reasons you mentioned. there is no physical contact (and i don’t just mean sex). also, you have to spend wayyy too much time on the phone. it gets in the way.

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