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  2. Hey everybody, i’m too in LDR :) he lives in Turkey , me in Lithuania, it is really so hard , we are together almost 1 years and didin’t meet yet, but we believe in our love, we won’t give up, we will meet after one years later i will go in his country for erasmuss studies. We would like to add some couples in FB , because sometimes we feel so alone and maybe we can share advices how to stay more strong and wait .. :)

  3. my bopyfriend lives across the country from me we used to be able to talk everyday but now only on the weekands but i love him sssssssoooooooo much i cldnt live without him and pple say that long distance relationships dont work out well FUCK THEM my bf and i are going to prove dat long distance relationships work out

  4. I live in NZ and my guuy lives near New York.. We’re soo faar away buut we both have iPods n FaceTime eachother almost everydaae:) i love him soo muuch:) <3 xx

  5. i have a boy friend that i havent yet meet in person…his working in san diego california,,we just met here in fb…we are almost 11 mos inlove….we see each other daily in skype..talking each other…then watch him sleep..i love my boyfriend so much!i cant live without him…he was so thoughtful and loving person…all i can promise to him are my loyalty @ trust,..ive been waiting for him 4 so long @ im willing to wait till we see each other..his one in a million..coz he accept me as i am….

  6. 6 hours away and lately all she does is yell at me… I know she’s the one and all I want to do is talk to her face to face but gas is too expensive… No one should have to go through this…

  7. we have had fight all the times in these 2 years that we are apart ,6 first mount was okey,but it is awful now,he will be back in summer ,but i dont know if we can make it r not,this long distance harm our relationship very bad,but we r still together,not like before but we r…

  8. miss you hunnie!! we’ll be together one day and I promise i’ll never ever le you go!! love you <<33

  9. how can celebrate those who are in long distance relationship this coming valentine’s day?
    it’s so hard … you can’t even touch his/her face …

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  15. Long distance relationships does not work for me.I just got out of one and it has been a disaster.I do wish things could have worked out but we just kept fighting and it was not healthy for the two of us.I will never do long distance relationships EVER! again lol.

  16. When my boyfriend and I turn 18 (I’m gonna be 18 Feb. of next year, and he’ll be 18 Nov. of this year), I’m gonna move to Dubai and live with him. I live in the U.S. btw. :) I’m so excited and I can’t wait to meet him. And btw Abiola, absence DOES make the heart grow fonder. :)

  17. Been in a long distance relationship with my soldier for a year and a half now it’s been hard but worth it. He’ll be home on April Fools Day, no joke haha. I love this video, brilliant tips.

  18. im in a LDR…people think of long distance like 5000 miles…she is only 600 miles away…but it just enough to hurt…i talk to her every day and im moving to her in 2015n <3

  19. I thought its a great idea too!!!! but still communication is the NUMBER 1 in keeping LDRs. My gf broke up with my last week because we almost had no time to communicate and while I’m here all alone adjusting to a new place, she became too social with new friends she made and our connection wasnt as strong to her anymore. But we said to try it out so we have no hard feelings :) I miss he SO SO much I can say.

  20. hey i really love this video and we just started to make advice videos too so plz watch our vids and subscribe :) thnx

  21. I’m in long distance relationship it all most a year now going out to Senegal see him in few weeks time , you have to trust that person .i trust him so much , , before i meet new guy i was going out one someone it just did not work as thing started to change we was young ,
    before I meet my boyfriend . we started out as friends . and listen to everything i say ,i work really heard to save to go out there in winter ,

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  23. to keep my relationship strong, im making vlogs of every month im doing for 6 months because ill be able to see her that time. SO far, ITS WORKING PERFECTLY :D DDDDD!!!!! shes also sendin me pics and right now wer are trying to make pics of us in a LDR but make them edited too look like weve never split apart. I still believe in us :)

  24. I’ve been in a LDR for 2 1/2 years. We’re planning to end the distance this coming January. I’m very excited and so thankful. Yes, it’s been hard journey and I felt like giving up at times. It worked because we worked together. We love each other and made sure none of us would ever give up. Called and texted each other every single day. Now we’re finally planning on getting engage and living together.

  25. I’m in a long long distance relationship where ik I’m most likely to never see him he lives in Spain and I live in California it sucks but I love him and I hope it works till maybe we can finally meet:)

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