Local Jewelry Artist

Some cool pick up artist images:

Local Jewelry Artist
pick up artist

Image by Reuben Yau
This was shot in a very small room, which didn’t offer me very many options for lighting. The room was maybe 10×10 so I knew umbrellas were out of the question, unless I was ready to pay a few hundred bucks for the items I’d knock over. Besides, there really was NO room at all for any type of light stand, but I really wanted to get the shot of her in front of the display.

As with many galleries, the items on the wall are lit with low voltage halogen, but step away from the wall and the subject is dark. To compensate for this and provide a nice flattering light, I put a bare Lumopro LP160 on a shelf behind me and bounced it off the ceiling. Since the room was tiny, I knew I’d get secondary fill from the side walls (mainly from the one camera right).

You can see I dragged the shutter a little to pick up the halogen lights on the shelves behind her.

Nikon D90
Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G
f/4, 1/125s, ISO200

Single bare Lumopro LP160, camera rear, 1/4 power bounced off ceiling.
Pocket Wizard II

pick up artist

Image by chashama, inc.


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