Some cool the pickup artist images:

the pickup artist

Image by Henna by Heather – Mehndi in Boston / Providence M
Henna for Donna aka Barefootgirl at the annual summer henna artist party and wholesale Jamila pickup

sky day 322
the pickup artist

Image by maureen_sill
noun, noun
noun, noun
"that was awkward"
weird stomach feeling
i asked the woman at the store if she ever got a day off because she was always there when i went there
and she said, i get saturday off sometimes
i said do you get health benefits
she smiled nervously and said when i am sick i get to go home sometimes
being concerned with people making thirty cents an hour off the coast of taiwan etcetera
yesterday some pirates hijacked an oil tanker off the coast of africa
which i have mixed feelings about
at the very least, it is amusing
there are people down the road who pile into the back of a pickup truck at four in the morning to go to work construction and i know abasummad is one of them
and their hands are broken and their bodies are broken too but they lift heavy beams and metal poles and pipes and middle aged men with hair gel hold clipboards
neil told me, if i see another afrikaaner artist make an exhibit about white guilt i am going to do something that would be the equivalent of me saying, i am going to pass out
if someone does that again
i said the clothes on the line moving in the wind like that made me think a person was walking towards us and you said why would it be a person, why not an animal
and i said uh cause animals don’t wear polo shirts
except people are animals and they wear polo shirts sometimes and i didn’t think about that
i thought about tao lin auctioning off an un-opened letter from jonathan safran foer on ebay and how that is funny because it is my current favorite writer selling a letter from my previous favorite writer
and how i am not going to bid on it but i hope whoever buys it posts it on the internet because now i am very curious
but i know they probably will not
you are afrikaaner but you are weird about it
you don’t want to talk about it
you said you are not what you come from
you said that is why you left your home town
you said that is why your brother lives in johannesburg, too
you said please don’t write me off
well how could i
you are the same as me, we have the same history
how is your history any different from mine
you hang your head, like you’re responsible
i can’t imagine you hurting a vegetable
except to smoke weed out of it, maybe
you can wear sunglasses so that you can pretend not to see what you are directly looking at and even if it needs help and you can help it you can wear sunglasses and use a lot of water
i use too much water
all of my roommates and neil are going to eat my cooking today
ha ha, they do not know but they will be eating vegan
ha ha, i have tricked you
and then i saw an ant crawl into my computer and i was afraid to type on the keys because i didn’t want to crush it’s body
but ah, we all have things to get to
and there will always be more work to be done


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