Kiss Close Pick Up – Infield Approach by Sasha Daygame

After spending much of summer 2010 with James Marshall…. I have definitely improved my game. Full video plus mini explanation at the end. Big thanks to James Marshall, James Larkin Photography, and Chris aka Party pony for editing… The approach, the kiss, the after-thought and the next day’s pictures
Video Rating: 4 / 5


24 thoughts on “Kiss Close Pick Up – Infield Approach by Sasha Daygame

  1. When you think about it, what you’ve just said is an insult!!
    You can’t compare shit(twilight) with something awesome!!

    Sasha, I thank you for the inspiration and guidiance, you’ve changed my life and I’ve become a boss because of the help from you, David X and Alan Roger Currie!!

  2. He is kind of awkward, but it works really well! He is funny, and has good lines though. Love the way he keeps on persisting even when she thinks of leaving.

  3. this women can be a great life partner………… she is intelligent………… amazing how shasha turned her on ……… where can i see more daygame videos from shasha …… u have any products related to day game ?????????

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