JUST TRY IT*Relationship Advice #2

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44 thoughts on “JUST TRY IT*Relationship Advice #2

  1. get dat bitch a cabbage patch kid to play with for a few years until she realises she doesn’t actually want to care for a mini human being that shits and pisses in its pants

  2. He may not read it but i did haha. I think should just ask her what she really wants and stop playing around. If she tells you that she wanna have a break she probably wanna fuck other guys and it will probably end in you heartbreak because of cheating. So if she really wants to take a break i would just break up with her.

    But that is MY way of doing it, i dont know you and your girlfriends relation and how it works so it could be completely different.

  3. Yo kyle idk if you’ll even read this but i told my girlfriend i think we should start over bc we’v been getting in alotta arguements and fights. not like fist fights and shit but she said instead of starting over we should “take a break” she flirts with guys all the time but iv been dating her for 2 years now we met in 8th grade and i lost it to her and shes a jelous bitch sometimes what should i do

  4. Hey Kyle, my name is alex im 12 and this asshole is on my girlfriends ass, and he talks to her more then i do, it pisses me off idk what to do, i dont wanna start a fight because he will get his friends and his friends are strong, ive kicked his ass in previous years, but that doesnt mean anything, it seems like she likes it, idk should i ask her on a date please help me kyle it would really help

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  6. My girlfriend has some 2 timer that likes her so I kicked his ass.So after that she tounged me. What should I do?

  7. dude this guy in my class is a fuckin retared every time i go up to her i start sweating what do i do kyle and she is the hottest girl i ever seen

  8. Just get her pregnant, it’s gonna be the time of your life!
    Obviously the badest you f*cking idiot!
    How could you even think about getting a kid with 14?!
    Why are the kids so f*cked up this time -.-

  9. Me and my best friend had a 3some with a girl after having a few beers…funniest thing ever, high 5ing each other hahaa

  10. Hey Ethan- she doesn’t mean that the boy likes you she means tips for like liking. Get it? And for all we know the guy might be talking to a girl because she dumped his friend and the friend made him do it. So ha! There’s also the fact that they could be just friends but I like the other one better cuz its more exiting

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  12. heey i love ur videios your so funny!!! do u thnk u shud subscribe to my channel and im just starting my channel is Munis131

  13. did anyone else notice that the person who had a song written about them was Delilah…
    “Hey there Delilah” by the Plain white tees…

  14. You guys are freakin’ ridiculous!!!!! questionthough : what fictional book charactar would YOU use to make your boy friend jelous?

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