Joey Speaks – Relationship advice

Hope I don’t sound ignorant. Just wanted to express myself. RAW and unedited. Just freely speaking from my heart. How it should be.


25 thoughts on “Joey Speaks – Relationship advice

  1. You are totally right! I currently lost a love one, and I’m worried I won’t find love. It’s true, I should just concentrate on my education, and also working, helping my mother out! This is what I had to hear! Thanks!

  2. this was a very good topic to talk about because around the world as I type someone is going through a relationship crisis, I would like to say that the world needs more people who thinks about others rather to be selfish…………

  3. Hey guys I just posted my first hip-hop poem on my channel. All im asking is for you to checj it out for a minute. You wont be let down, I promise, God Bless

  4. iLovee Yhur Advice Thanks For all The Joey Speaks && Yhur Covers && Originals Yhur an Amazinqq Sinqer && Most important Yhur a Great Person Keep it Up && Yhu’ll Always Have Fans Especially Mee <3 haha

  5. I completely agee! :) You have a really great way of expressing your thoughts. I really think people our age should think more like you :)

  6. I aint ggonna lie your a coll kid :) but if kids take advantage or their parents and your 19 and still living at mommys house?? then…? jsszt askinq?

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