It is amazing how Sarah’s face lights up as we get into the hall on the first day…..

A few nice the pick up artist images I found:

It is amazing how Sarah’s face lights up as we get into the hall on the first day…..
the pick up artist

Image by colorblindPICASO
Or…… Perhaps I had a bounce flash mishap on my speedlite and I’m too amateur to delete the shot like a pro would! Take your pick! Seriously it was shaping up to be a rough photo week at this point! Even the Jagua tattoos didn’t take. Fun.

bowling for art
the pick up artist

Image by macwagen

Opening: Aug 22 from 6-9pm
Big Closing Party: Labor Day 8pm-Midnight
Where: Arsenal Bowling Lanes in Lawrenceville.
What : 100 Bowling Pins – 100 Artists.

100 of Pittsburgh’s Coolest Artists will each get one used bowling pin to:
Paint, Carve, Airbrush, Decopauge Photos or Collages, mosiac, etc on their bowling pin. Pick up starts Friday June 27th from 5-7:30pm and Sunday the 29th at 6pm during the closing of the Tattoo Art show.

The pins will be displayed at Arsenal lanes in their bowling alley during the opening and closing parties. The pins can be sold for each with the artist getting all the money. If they don’t sell, the artists can have the pin back.

Some artists can volunteer to do a second pin for the free giveaway raffles at the alley during the show. Pins can be picked up/dropped off at Zombo Gallery any Friday from 5-7:30pm or Saturday at Noon – 4pm.

There will be no cover charge at the alley for the opening and closing.
Music and Hosting provided by DJ Zombo.
21 and over

Goodbye…Lesson & Sample #4
the pick up artist

Image by Stacy & Leyr Davis
Now we will begin on the walls of the buildings and the techniques used. You will have to be the judge of how dark or light you want to create them but remember that after I have finished the initial stippling the create the tone and texture you are looking for you have to keep in mind that you will have to come back into the same walls and add more texture and life to it so just always keep this in mind. If you add to much stippling or create it to tightly it will just make the walls far to dark or limit the texture you can add later which will affect the overall piece dramatically.
To begin the walls on either of the subjects I first decide how dark and rich I want to make each building, what is the subject I want to concentrate on and make that the thing in which everything else will flow into. Study each building in each sample photo I post. You will be amazed by how much you will actually pick up just by studying what I am providing on each post. Now once you have decided on how the piece shall work out begin stippling whichever building you want the most attention on and stippling in by using the .25 mm pen. Complete the entire building and make sure you keep the stippling uniform. Now the buildings will take at least two to three posts so just get the stippling completed o each building making sure that each will have either more tightly placed stippling or loose stippling. I’ll cover details such as cracking in the siding along each building and hw to create any shadows falling along them.
I also will be posting my lesson blogs on Facebook…but since I cannot actually remember the site address just go to Facebook and search “Stacy Vaughn Davis”…you should be able to find me but if not let me know.


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