Some cool the pick up artist images:

the pick up artist

Image by Bunches and Bits {Karina}
Despite the huge painting project we are working on this weekend, hubby agreed to go to the Harvest Festival (artisan craft fair) with me.

It was exciting to see all the wonderful creative talents showing their wares. I am GRATEFUL to all those artists that inspire me to create, and thankful I was able to pick up a few unique Christmas Gifts as well.

It’s got me seriously considering coming back again next year – as a vendor?

Harry’s Library – Shag’s around the World in 80 Drinks
the pick up artist

Image by Charlie Brewer
In the case of the second score of the week I blundered into Sydney’s Outre Gallery to see if I could pick up a couple of magazines only to discover the American artist Josh Agle was in town and doing a signing.

Josh creates his illustrations under the pen name of Shag and it seemed churlish not to get Harry a signed copy of his guide to 80 of the worlds greatest cocktails.

Bottom’s up!


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