How to Text a Girl: Simple Tips by Simple Pickup

Learn how to pick up girls with Project GO: How do you text a girl? Should you send witty texts? Do you text her the next day? Jesse will enlighten you with his texting prowness. GET BLOOPERS & EXTRAS HERE: Check out our website: Music by Jervy Hou — Don’t be a chump. Stop it with the smiley faces, LOLs, HAHAs, and exclamation points. You’re doing it wrong. Jesse’s going to be teaching you the right way to text a girl. SUBSCRIBE! LEARN! LIKE! FOLLOW!
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24 thoughts on “How to Text a Girl: Simple Tips by Simple Pickup

  1. Well what I typically do is either
    “knock knock” -You
    “who’s there?” -Her
    And fill in whatever you want. If she says “Hey!” instead.. just respond with,
    “I said knock knock….”
    So she laughs and thinks its funny… but make your your actual joke is entertaining.

    Another one is saying
    “I seeee you”
    And if she responds with anything.. wait a little bit (10-20mn)
    and say you found out it wasn’t her.. but you haven’t seen her in so long that you need to see her soon so you don’t mistake ppl again

  2. Anyone have any advice for how to start texting someone you used to talk to alot and then just fell off the grid? I used to talk to this one girl alot and suddenly we just stopped talking and its been a good 6 months since we have talked and she doesn’t go to my school. Any advice?

  3. I have to disagree, if you’re gonna talk about fucking on a table and cumming, they’re gonna think you’re a perv and ignore you altogether.

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