How to Seduce a Girl with Eye Contact: Simple Tips by Simple Pickup

Use eye contact as a secret dating weapon. Kong shows you how to seduce a girl you just met by looking deep into her eyes and into her heart (down her shirt). But really. GET BLOOPERS & EXTRAS HERE: Watch full, un-edited clips here: Tweet this video Share this video on Facebook: Music by Jervy Hou: — Seducing a woman shouldn’t be that hard. Especially if you are confident about it. It’s all about maintaining eye contact. SUBSCRIBE! TROLL! LIKE! http FOLLOW!

In this episode Colleen instructs Matthew on an interesting tactic to get DiGiTS, pretending to be lost. She tells him to pretend to be a tourist and ask for information and advice on the local area. The idea is essentially that beautiful women get hit on all the time, however, if you show interest in something other than the hotness, chances are she’ll be more receptive to giving out her number. Quick disclaimer – before Matt approached this girl – 3 other dudes walked up and hit on her, all walked away without getting a phone number. Subscribe Facebook: Tweet-tweet: Myspace: Declassified: DiGiTS is a web tv show about what it takes to get a girl’s number. Follow us around NYC to see what it takes to get a set of DiGiTS. Each episode tries out a new pick-up tactic or challenge. While we don’t claim to be PUAs, practice the ‘Mystery Method’, or wearing smoking jackets like Hef, our hope is that DiGiTS is entertaining and will inspire you to have no fear when approaching the ladies. TAGS: lost “I am lost” “where am I” Digits Declassified New Episode Fabrizio Rob Lesley Colleen ThePickUpChick The Pick Up Chick PUA Artist Girls Park Spy Camera Tourist Best Video Ever “sexy girls” sexy “pick up artist” “pick up lines” “digits declassified” digitsdeclassified nyc


49 thoughts on “How to Seduce a Girl with Eye Contact: Simple Tips by Simple Pickup

  1. I usually just show them my brain, and the panties fall right off..
    But i dont have problems looking into girls eyes, i lack confidence, but i also lack shame and humility :p My problem is that i belive that everyone else has the ability too look into both eyes at once, but i cant do that, i can only look into one of the eyes or at the top off the nose.
    a girl once called me the staring boy, because i stared at her so much, and i never look between the neck and knees, so its a lot of eye contact

  2. @spqhqgx a oh! yes. who can believe it even you showed this. but i can show you now, i havent expect that i will get a cheque of $350 for surfing internet. if you wanna try just try now <<<

  3. That’s because you lack confidence, eye contact with another person is a very intimate thing no matter how far away from each other you are. When talking to a girl, just breath normally and stay relaxed at all times. Eye contact is awesome, same goes for her. If she sees you can maintain eye contact with a girl for a pretty long time, she sees you are confident. And confidence is is ONE thing a girl finds really sexy.

  4. if you have a problem making eye contact just simply stare at the tits
    it doesnt end well but at least you got an eyeful of titty

  5. Try to just enjoy the eye contact, if you think about looking at them in the eyes, you’re gonna notice it and so will they, because your expression will change:)

  6. Yes, me too… And when i start thinking about it i get really self-conscious, and my eyes start darting all over the place.. you are the third too respond, and i have 38 thumbs up… so its pretty clear that we are not the only ones with the problem..
    Can anyone tell me if they DONT have this problem?

  7. Man this is bulshit yesterday on my way back to home i said Hi to a Chick and that bitch didnt even look at me and i wias like well fuck me then !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. If you have shiat to do as a busy day people are always doing stuff its the best way to go. Its not everyday you find an unemployed chick, get her number get out of there and send this a few minutes later ‘hey this is a VIP # store with care’ and now you need to learn what to do to get ehr on a date!

  9. You’re right, the phone number isn’t your priority, but try watching that guy’s ‘game’, his way of approaching a girl and then try watching the girl reaction to that, her body language. I can say that she’d be more than happy to get a call from him and we should try learn anything from anyone. :)

  10. while i agree with you…. the show is called digits, they’re showing you how to get a number not follow through after you get a number.

  11. thats why you test ring the number when she standing next to you…….and if she got a distracting friend get a wing man to distract the friend and u got her to yourself ;) 

  12. Works every time no matter what. At a pub you see a girl look at her confused and make sure she sees this. After you know she has seen you walk up to her and ask her where she went to highschool as if you knew her in the past. It gets her talking every time…that or you can suit up and have your buddy say “Hi, have you met Ted?”

  13. @TMGVideoDiaries– Thank You very much, a guy should never ask for a girl’s phone number but always give her his, because if she really wants him she’ll call him, girl know within the first 5 seconds if they want to sleep with a guy anyways. Pick-up lines & tricks never work, because what if the guy actually is New York Native? Duh! The best way is to let the girl know what it really is your thinking, but make sure you qualify her first! That’s why it’s important to know what you want first!

  14. so…if you end up liking this girl alot, you then have to tell her you lied to get her number. that you arent really a tourist. some women may find that cute, but others may not, lol.

  15. Ok, for this one you need at the very least a camera, but a tripod, shotgun or a boom microphone really helps to sell it. Go up to a woman with the camera turned off, ask if she’ll take part in a survey, if she says yes, turn on the camera and stuff, and ask her if she is single, if she says yes to that, you can either ask some more questions or just go straight to turning off the camera and asking for her phone number

  16. I’m so handsome I dont have to say anything just look at the hot chicks and smile…..they melt and are all over me and in my bed before I can get the condoms out…..sigh its sooooo tuff being me ;D

  17. yesterday i was at the beach and i saw a hot girl laying down a couple yards away from me. i approached her got down on one knee said to her exuse me i was about to leave and i saw you from a far i needed to get your name before i left. she told me her name and gave me her number by calling my phone. and she got up and left lol but yeah i do agree just cause you get her number dont mean shit.

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