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24 thoughts on “How to Pick Up Girls Q&A – Simple Tips

  1. Do not wear underwear to the pool this way then you get hard then you have no way to hide it. The girls will really notice you then.

  2. Tip of the day, if you hesitate you masterbate, lol. Seriously you guys are so full of yourselves, why else would I be watching though :)

  3. Until you got the balls to use a real mans pickup line you can’t go around giving advice. I use “Hey girl, you on your period. Let’s fuck!”

    Like a boss with my balls out, cuz them biaches will no longer fit in mah pants.

  4. if its your best mate, you stay the fuck away. but if its just a friend go for it. he probably will hate you for a few months 

  5. SERIOUS QUESTION!!! It may be personal and you may not want to answer it on video but how many of these girls do you all end up sleeping with?

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