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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


49 thoughts on “HOW TO PICK UP GIRLS PART 10! Venice Beach,Ca

  1. And Vitaly could counter sue him with assault and battery , thief charges , destruction of personal property , false reporting of a crime , stalking , and disturbing the peace . Not only would the big black guy spend a couple years in prison , he’d also have a paycheck or two garnished to pay for Vitaly’s broken phone. You don’t need to have a “good ass lawyer” ; you just need to have knowledge of the law.Btw 9/11 was a false flag operation you ignoramus.It was planned decades before it happened

  2. Use proper punctuation you imbecile.You run on sentence retard.Last time i checked,it was an empty suitcase,not a bomb.This big black guy got away with aggravated assault and battery,thief,destruction of property,false reporting of a crime(there wasn’t a bomb threat. the suitcase was never stated to be a bomb.
    Vit only alluded to the idea by saying you have 60 seconds),and disturbing the peace(yelling curse words extremely loudly in public).The police had no solid justification for Vit’s arrest

  3. It shouldn’t even be classified as a bomb threat. 1.He never said it was a bomb 2. The big black guy lied and said it was a bomb threat 3. How is putting down a suitcase and saying “You have 60 seconds” considered a bomb threat ?(The black guy jumped to conclusions from his paranoia) 4. Last time i check , a real bomb threat is through telephone/letter to the police department or homeland security 5.The police officers that arrested him don’t even know the law in it’s entirety themselves

  4. sounds exactly like the story about the father beating and murdering a guy for touching his little daughter the dad didnt get charged for going crazy and bashing the guy to death.

  5. i just noticed you comment on this video for 8 hours in a row. you, sir, are a phaggot. inb4 you make another phaggy comment

  6. This guy ^ lol talking about aggravated assault lmao the guy could have been shot and probably wouldnt have been facing prison time nor jail time ! Get off Vitaly’s nuts for christ sake the guy is going around threatening people with bombs.

  7. You dumb. Have you heard about the guy that ate a mans face in miami? Vataly was threatening those guys by pretending. He could have been justifiably shot

  8. Vitaly is charged with a felony for being dumb. Deal with it. Hes gonna learn from this. Dude could have died on the zombie prank. I guess if the guy with the gun shot him you was going to blame him for protecting his life?

  9. not to mention he took vitaly’s phone, preventing him from walking away from the situation then threw it at the ground. yet that guy is the victim. smh

  10. hey i live in puerto rico and if i do somthing like that some gerls will akshualy like it so you shude com to pr and we shueld do some pranks…

  11. I like how you got pissed off at the blonde that told you to leave her alone. Sorry Bro, not every woman is going to fall for your creeper routine. Learn how to take rejection.

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