How to: Pick up a hot girl ;)

photoshoot begins at 1:52 :) — Liz is so pretty! i saw her while i was out last week and i just had to know who she was. i justify my creepy stalkerness by saying its in my job description haha!! Photographer: Model Elizabeth Ivezaj MUA/Hair: Wardrobe Accessories follow me! http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 thoughts on “How to: Pick up a hot girl ;)

  1. very pretty she looks arabic or something where are you from, you look desi anyways you guys are both very pretty and beautiful!

  2. @geekchic01 that’s really good! i guess you’re confident enough about yourself and you are quite pretty yourself
    I love your photography it’s interesting to see the process and the photos looks like the stuff i see in magazines … there are like fantasy so perfect I love it! i use to live in michigan but i moved 6 years ago i miss arab town though

  3. When you have random client how do you get their makeup done.or by who I should say?im im college studying photography as my major you ate soo my inspiration doll :)

  4. @geekchic01 Spot on love! everything you said is brilliant… this other girl obviously has noooo bloody morals whatsoever ! xx

  5. @Imafreakize way to go girl, you have every RIGHT to do whatever it is you want to do in your life. GO to bar or do whatever

  6. @Imafreakize it’s people like you who ruin the image of islam! who do you think you are to judge people like that? god? seriously you’re the one who needs to get a freakin’ life or a different religion cause you’re obviously not getting islam right :) instead of bashing the girl find something better to do xoxo

  7. @geekchic01 are you wearing any lip liner with that?? or just the color snob on its own!! plz let me know, im thinking of buying this color :)

  8. @geekchic01 You know you’re not the only one. I can fall into the “creepy stalkerness” profile every once in a while and NO it’s not in my job description! Although I wish it were haha it sounds so much fun!! Believe me, I think most guys fall in that profile. I’m sure you’ve crossed paths with such guys! Hope I’m not sounding discouraging here :) . Job well done on the video!

  9. @geekchic01 I totally agree with you. I think people just can’t handle the fact that you have your own style and still represent yourself with your upbringing. There’s nothing wrong in your dress style, if anything I find it admirable and impressive. People have this idea of religion as one thing and assume way too much. Being a Hindu, I get some of it, so I can totally understand how you’d feel when people start judging you and your character. Well I think you’re beautiful regardless.

  10. @geekchic01 dont listen to your haters, theyre just jealous!your beautiful on the inside and the outside and its part f yor modelling job,wear whatever clothes you want!theyre jealous theyre not as pretty as they cant be models!!!keep it up <3 x

  11. @Imafreakize “WoW”, you’re so judgmental. restaurants are bars. -_- you’ve commented on several of my videos. if you’re so offended by me, simply dont watch & “get a life”. It’s VERY evil of you to ask someone to leave your own religion. work on strengthening your own faith sweetie.. you aren’t responsible enough to strengthen the faith of others (sad that it wasnt even your intention). dressing conservatively doesn’t automatically make one a responsible & good role model. character does.

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