How To Get Girls + Dating Advice – How to Get a Girl To Like You

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22 thoughts on “How To Get Girls + Dating Advice – How to Get a Girl To Like You

  1. Hi. I’m one of those guys who wears glasses but not at school but there’s this girl that i like who loves it when i wear them. Should I wear them. Please help.

  2. Okay I’ve been trying to get this guy to like me for like 3 years and I say I hate him but I like love him and I think he likes/loves me back…
    How do you know that a person really loves/likes you back?

  3. Ok so i’ve known this girl since 6th grade. We’ve been pretty good friends but I’ve haven’t liked her till now. She told me she liked me a while ago but I just didn’t really think much of it. Now I’m starting to like her and I don’t have very much to talk about with her cuz were not in the same classes anymore.when i do talk to her i stutter sometimes because i stutter when i get kinda nervous. how do i start cool conversations with her and more importantly how do i keep it going? THANKS!:)

  4. Okay this is confusing so please try to understand haha! but anyways im in love with this girl and we hangout every weekend almost but i tried to tell her that i really like her and i did but she just says she doesnt know why she doesnt like me? she says im sweet and cute and i always make her smile. but i dont understand why she doesnt like me i mean im eally nice to her and stuff but please help me please like i dont know what to do anymore.It kills me to know she doesnt like me.Help me please

  5. i know a girl maybe a week and i like her i asked her out and she said she likes me but doesnt love me and she told me she will answer me when we meet untill then lets be friends and i really need to get close please telll me how to plzzzz answer plzzz

  6. i need some help i like this girl and ive i liked her for a year and ive known her for like 2 years and she likes me as a friend i txt her every day all day basically but how do i get out of the friend zone

  7. hey i’ve got a question this is an odd one but there is this girl in my school one year younger than me but i like her so much i cant stop thinking about her one day i got the courage to ask her out she said no and that she wasn’t ready to date yet. but i still cant stop thinking bout her and i want to let her know this but we r friends and i dont want that to end i want her to know that ill wait for her to be ready if i have to if only she’d give me a chance what should i do?

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