How To Flirt With A Guy – Surefire Flirting Tips For Women – Discover simple flirting tips form women that show you how to flirt with a guy using physical contact, so body language that allows you to build instant attraction with him and remain sexy throughout the interaction, deepening the connection and making him want you. Flirting can be used anywhere and will get you great results if you used properly, try these flirting tips in this video and then try them out for yourself today.

Subscribe now @ Flirting and dating tips. Top flirting mistakes that guys make revealed. Become a fabulous flirt and get the gorgeous girl you want by avoiding these flirting mistakes. Dating and body language expert Katia Loisel-Furey, co-author of How to get…
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26 thoughts on “How To Flirt With A Guy – Surefire Flirting Tips For Women

  1. @CakeBeneathTheIcing mine only happens when i get nervous, my friends say its cute and sweet…….but i dont c how =) but seriously, i dont c how

  2. @snickergirl277 oh my gosh same. Whenever I say hi to people if I run into them on the street or in the hall, my voice goes so high. Only people don’t find it cute when it happens to me >.<

  3. when i get nervous my voice goes extremly high……….but people find that cute…….does the guy i like find it cute? this is the question that haunts my dreams…..

  4. “Hey, that person exists!” I lol’d at that. Not sure why. xD
    I’ll be sure to use your advice from your vids. Thanks for the help. :D

  5. Thank you Matthew!! I used the tip of casual touch with my crush, who had actually fleetingly brushed his hand against mine a couple of times when I was handing him something, so at the first opportunity I briefly touched his arm. Now we’re real friends, he’s given me 2 little hugs, has started asking me more personal questions, and he seems to be very comfortable around me… I think he likes me too!

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