How to Date Popular Girls + Texting + Stalkers (“DATING TIPS” | “DATING ADVICE FOR MEN”) (HD)

How to Know what a Girl is Thinking: How to be Popular in High School: If you like this episode and want more dating advice with Thad, leave a LIKE! And add me on Twitter and Facebook: – Twitter: – Facebook: Ask YOUR dating advice…
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25 thoughts on “How to Date Popular Girls + Texting + Stalkers (“DATING TIPS” | “DATING ADVICE FOR MEN”) (HD)

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  2. from the looks of it hes really sensitive and shit so hes probably going to like it if he gets a needy girl. 2nd way seems like a way better option.

  3. Bro what is the worst that could happen, just go talk to her.
    If she doesn’t like you like you like her, just leave her alone, there are enough bitches in this world to bang.

    i need to learn how to be confidence i am trying to get this girl and i dont know what to do please help me i am just to much of a wimp to ask

  5. THAD I NEED YOUR HELP, I’ve left comments on your other videos, regarding what to text a girl, after getting her number, and to overa

  6. What If U Want A Girl that has boyfriend but she’s a 9.5 hot A Model but her boyfriend is a douche & she keeps going back to him even after he cheated on her, what should I do? Cuz These Girl we were texting & She stopped replying should I text her again or na?

  7. What if you really want to go out with that popular girl but the problem is that she texts you sometimes  and ignores you other times? but you really want to go out with her?

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