Hot Girl Picks Up GUYS

Levy Tran, the hot girl from Guy Code, joins us as we feed her lines while she picks up guys. It’s a new spin because now the gender tables have turned. FOLLOW LEVY TRAN: — GET BLOOPERS & EXTRAS HERE: Learn how to pick up girls with Project GO: — All the faces, we interacted with, which aren’t blurred were given consent forms because their reactions were too funny. SUBSCRIBE! LEARN! LIKE! FOLLOW! Music by MikeDiva:
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25 thoughts on “Hot Girl Picks Up GUYS

  1. Actually, it’s not as black and white as all that and I hope, for your sake, that you learn the difference betweeen consensual sex and nonconsensual sex before you learn the hard way– in front of a judge. It’s not just about the lack of the “n” word. The person have to be in a state where s/he is able to give consent. This includes not being too intoxicated.

  2. Technically, it’s fine, as long as she doesn’t say no. Do you fail to realize that there are girls who get that drunk solely for the purpose of having sex with some guy and then not remembering it?

  3. Oh sure I will, I’ll just prey upon “the drunkest girl I can find who looks kiiiiinda stable enough to do the deed and not just throw up”…right? That’s Ievy’s advice, and she’s the person you’re supporting….so I’ll do it, and I WILL get sex from a girl that way. Cool right?

  4. If you think she’s ugly, your obviouly blind. And from the sound of it, you’re never gonna get anything from a girl, being that much an asshole.

  5. Ievy Tran is a dumb cunt. I saw this stupid ugly little bitch on Guy Code saying that the best rebound is “the drunkest girl there who kiiiiiiinda looks stable enough to do the deed and not just throw up.” Ummm way to condone RAPE you stupid little cunt. Quit trying to be cute and funny cause you’re failing miserably on both counts and if you want to get the approval of men just lay on your back with your pussy spread and keep your dumb mouth SHUT that’s the best way to do it. Cunt.

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