Hitch Pickup Artist with pua commentary

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25 thoughts on “Hitch Pickup Artist with pua commentary

  1. Yeah, this is all cool because she makes it cool. If storywirters decided to make him look like a complete idiot they wouldn’t have to cvhange Will Smith’s lines. They would make Eva Mendes react negative. BTW He tries waaaay harded than Chip.

  2. I’d say either “Nice.” really calmly and then move forward, or totally ignore. Either way you’d be DOA with that opener.

  3. sadly in the end the movie had to ‘follow’ typical hollywood ending which in my opinion makes it so cliche, i mean alpha male such as hitch character wouldn’t do stupid things like in the end of the movie, there’s no such thing as begging for love in alpha male circle. not never.

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  5. @XxFierxX
    Interested means nothing. It’s obvious. She still has no idea what are your intentions.
    Buying a girl you dont know a drink, doesn’t set a direct frame for whole interaction.
    If you want sex, sooner or later you will be forced to communicate it. There’s no way around. No “indirect” approach will do that for you.
    Just don’t call buying a drink or using cheap lines direct.
    You can buy her a drink and talk about ponies, is it still direct?

  6. if you go buy a girl you dont know a drink you are obviously interested in her which is the same as direct approach, there´s nothing indirect about buying a girl a drink because you are letting her him you dig her.

  7. @XxFierxX
    Chip wasn’t direct at all. He opens with a bullshit line about Martini. Then a next cheap “next girfriend” line.
    She just wasn’t interested. That’s above any game. Her attitudes towards Chip and Hitch are written in the script. Both of them executed indirect approaches, but Hitches one was prescripted to be more flashy.
    Anyway, the idea of physical, watersports date with such tough girl is a valuable tip which could be derrived from this movie ; )

  8. So Hitch was first going direct with the drink like Chip did but then decided after seeing her response to Chip´s approach to change to indirect approach?

  9. The whole calling at work and saying “I’m persistent for you” and buying her a bunch of stuff is totally AFC and got me into a lot of trouble after watching this movie. (lol!) I guess they threw that in because they thought it would be funny in a movie.
    Oh, and sitting down is tricky: Do it too early and you come off as eager and the girl wonders when you’re going to leave.. Do it too late and you make her feel uncomfortable and lower your value in her eyes as well.

  10. Half of what the first guy didwas ok I thought but he didn;t really connect with her. He was using cheesy line after the other!Its ok to sit down, shows you live in your own reality and don’t need permission or approval fro others.
    He made quite a few errors like offering to buy her a drink but although HItch comes in all smooth, he did do a very AFC thing and called her at work! wtf?

  11. There are some lessons to be learned from this scene, but remember it is a scripted movie not a hidden video of an actual pick up. David Wygant says he was a dating consultant for Hitch but either way it is a scene in a movie. Although I see nothing structurally wrong with this approach, we cant be sure of how this would have went over in real time. Analyzation of this scene is questionable because it is has a fiction base. Great fun scene though!

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