HIGH QUALITY Mystery, Style, Neil Strauss Pickup Artist Live Training w Women Indicators

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24 thoughts on “HIGH QUALITY Mystery, Style, Neil Strauss Pickup Artist Live Training w Women Indicators

  1. @lkzwcef any gorgeous woman can be SACKED. Listen to this, a new fb app that’s being secretly used by a handful of guys to hook up with TONS of women online. i found it here. > bit.ly/XaQoOF?=ffjffs

  2. i just got the very strong impression that tyler was very unatural. however, the story of him kissing the girl in the ice cream shop or somewhere in the book was fun and entertaining.
    but his persona was only given by the POV of style so it may be bias.

  3. I have improved so much since I saw this video 10 months ago. Haven’t looked back since, #1 thing is please stray from indirect and go direct if your watching this for the first time and just getting into pu.

  4. 6:56 right befor the end of the video, he keeps talking and AGAIN she’s giving the hair-IOI, but suddenly realizes that again and stops making the ‘im just thinking’ gesture

  5. He is clearly indirectly targeting the beautiful brunette. Everything he said was directed at her. See how she said “that’s true” from a personal view point. She is intelligent as well as hot so.. He hit the right spot man…

  6. Interesting point man. I’ve thought about this and have kind of gone between the two.
    They’re both really fucking great. I’d love to be as good as both combined… and there’s something to consider…

  7. Mystery is cool & this video is gold but I prefer Tyler Durden a lot more than Mystery. RSD teaches a more natural approach to attracting women with being you whereas Mystery seems to have created this fake character thats hard to relate to.

  8. The black haired girl on his left had to literally stop herself from brushing her hair back in the last 2 seconds of the video.

  9. Yes the one on the left wants him bad. That was the first impression I got. She’s pretending to feel like he’s full of shit but she can’t help it but feel attracted to him and give away IOIs. Just pay close attention and you’ll see.

  10. lmao! is this guy mystery? doesnt he have a book called mystery method? I got that, the game, vin dicarlo pandoreas box (best one ive seen) rules to the game and attraction explained

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