Happy Accident I

A few nice the pick up artist images I found:

Happy Accident I
the pick up artist

Image by Dorret
@ Graffiti Warehouse photographers/graffiti artists meet up- there were so many strobes going off, that my camera randomly picked up whatever light flashed around. Like the effect! This is SOOC (straight out of camera) with only a border added.

@ Graffiti Warehouse fotografen/graffiti kunstenaars open dag- er gingen zoveel studio flitsen tegelijk af, dat mijn camera oppikte wat er maar aan licht rond vloog. Best een leuk effect! Dit is direct uit de camera, met alleen maar een randje erom heen gemaakt.

Paul Klee print framed
the pick up artist

Image by swirlspice
Paul Klee is one of Missy’s favorite artists. She picked up this print at the Art Institute of Chicago a couple years ago. We tried a matte matching every color in this print. We were originally hoping for a green or orange, but I think the blue is just the right accent. The frame is a little darker than a brushed copper. This is hanging on in our upstairs hallway, outside the bathroom.

My Newest Purchase
the pick up artist

Image by Tobyotter
I went to the Peninsula Fine Art Center after church today I picked up this piece from an artist Named Angela Fowler from Florida. She paints on wood she finds washed up on the beach. This was painted wit oils in 1997.

I thought it would look nice under my Octagon Window.


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