greg giraldo on internet dating, girls and relationships

greg giraldo on internet dating, girls and relationships
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21 thoughts on “greg giraldo on internet dating, girls and relationships

  1. Greg Giraldo was a Harvard Grad Lawyer.
    No other Comedian on the Comedy Circuit & Roasts could match the Intelligence, Knowledge, Wit, Timing and Delivery Style that Greg had. Nobody else can Ever take his place. He was one of the Best and Brightest Comedian ever.
    Comedy Central’s FULL DOCUMENTARY AND TRIBUTE to Greg Giraldo (with all of the other Comedians paying Tributes to him as well).
    It is called “GIVE IT UP FOR GREG GIRALDO”, and can be Seen here…
    ebaumsworld. com/video/watch/81407445

  2. @afarro73 His wife was a fuckin dead beat bitch, she used him and she never took care of his kids. She didn’t care about him.

  3. Seriously his wife never supported him at all when it came to him being a comedian. I remember watching the roast of Jeff Foxworthy and Greg was on stage and everytime the camera panned over to his wife sitting in the audience she never even cracked a smile, she sat there with her arms folded, chewing on a piece of gum, with an indifferent expression on her face.. I thought to myself WHAT A BITCH!

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