Great conversation Starter For Picking Up Women During The Day When approaching women the next time you try some daygame try this opener to start the conversation. TAGS PUA,pickup artist,opener,alex,coulson,mystery,method,the pickup artist,vh1,tv show,neil strauss,the game,pick up women,girls,pua artist,day game,pick up women on video
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25 thoughts on “Great conversation Starter For Picking Up Women During The Day

  1. There is something I have learned, all you single guys might want to add it to your arsenal:

    Girls are actually attracted to guys that aren’t bothered by rejection. It shows that the guy really does have self-confidence, isn’t bothered by trivial things, and is thicker-skinned, which are actually all good qualities women appreciate in a guy and especially during a relationship.

  2. why does every1 say that it is his accent which does it for him i am from london and have a “british accent” but if i get girls in london it has nothing to do with my accent it is all about the hard graft

  3. It’s my first time to watch these kind of videos cause i have no problems with picking’ up women ;)
    i wanted to brief what he said (Having a smile on your face while talking to a woman means having confidence in yourself even if u have not!)
    Never be shy of yourself , you are always attractive someway! =)

  4. Approach the first girl you see no excuses.
    Hey there how are you doing ? This may sound a little strange but I had to get over and say hello, how are doing? Hey I am Arjan (give her a hand). It is very rare to see a stunning girl like you hanging around without any guys. So what is the story what is your name. What are you going to apart from looks (and smile be playful)

    you do repeat yourself several times

  5. Good insight here into women’s’ thinking processes, especially the fact that a lot it is subconscious–very true. They seem to instinctively know that you’re TRYING to talk to them, which can set off “stalker” alarms in their subconscious. The trick is to THINK about something else, e.g., the book she’s reading, and approach that way–a valid reason seems to work better. As for the upgrades, i think its more than your clothes mate-your accent and educated diction no doubt clenches it.

  6. I really like this guy’s style. There’s so much jiggery-pokery in the PUA community, but this guy has a really straight up, no bullshit, practical and straight forward method. Respect.

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