Girl Advice – Fantasy Football Dating Tips

Girls + Football = WIN! Gameplay by: Music: We Don’t Abuse It by Rango – - My Twitter — Custom Controllers — Girl Advice Series —

In this episode I teach you how to pick up girls on Facebook. No time to go to a party, or too shy to approach girls at a bar? Just do this instead. If you like this video, add it to your favorites! ►►►►►Subscribe here for hot babes! (Its free) ◄◄◄◄◄ Twitter:…
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49 thoughts on “Girl Advice – Fantasy Football Dating Tips

  1. I’m in a bad place because all the girls I like are out of my league and just last week I asked the person I thought I had the best shot at but I was rejected and backed off. But after all I went through I didn’t care about what she said and now I have an empty heart. I’m going to ask someone out today wish me luck

  2. Maybe you can help. I’m 16 never had a gf I’m homeschooled and I live in a small town and I don’t know any girls this SUCKS Please HELP? how do I meet girls?

  3. Please could you do a Girl Advice commentary on how to start a friendship with a girl when you don’t know her and she doesn’t know you either?

  4. Matt this is a nice video, and it’s all relevant! Lol I’m in the UK but I have Fantasy Premier League :) And I have not noticed anyone trying to get the girl I’m looking for!

  5. nice video. i saw you from snd4dummies retweet. this was a good video. what are some of your best videos for me to watch?

  6. just one minute into this video I was already disinterested by how often he said “bitch.”
    I seriously would prefer to look at girls as something or someone I can love and not simply as “racking up bitches.” SMH -_-….

  7. Hey people, go to “Mark Redimsok” on facebook and read his post “Adventure of a lifetime — seeking my girlfriend”, this guy has come up with a unique way of finding his perfect girlfriend, it is unconventional but honest, kudos to him and I hope he finds that special lady. Let’s help him and spread the word on his behalf, share his FB page with your friends, let’s get his page around the world.

  8. just make a joke out of it, having a girl say that is actually an easier way to start a conversation, if you look at it this way, its actually better that she bothered to inquire after that than just ignoring you. of course its not always a good thing, but hey a %50 of success is better than %0

  9. Yo Thad, do a twitter edition! I made my first commentary and its inspired by you and a bunch of other commentators :D Check it out guys! /watch?v=o9eXh0yb-rk

  10. i now this girl on facebook who just finished a fight with her cousin i saw she was on and made her laugh a couple times she had to get off but were gonna chat tomorrow what should i say

    (like this so thad can see this)

  11. and that’s when you say something like “no but you want too” or fucking lie and say you think you met her at a party

  12. lol im a fan of you thad but meeting girls over fb doesnt work. they always say “do i know you” or some shit like that

  13. Thaddeus dude, I need help. All my friends are always playin’ games and putting game pics and shit on there facebook and getting some of the hottest pussies in school. And I don’t have any games on my FB and getting nothin. Help?

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