Get Ex Back How to get your ex back, why apologies don’t work and what you need to do first before you apologize.


25 thoughts on “Get Ex Back

  1. I was the unhappiest guy on the planet as soon as I got dumped several months ago, but after some reading I stumbled upon a free resource that taught me how to mend my relationship! I want to share it with all the heartbroken fellas out there but youtube wont let me post it here, so I put it on my profile. Hope it works for you personally too!

  2. i need help on a relationship like how to get one i have all the right things i play football and am very tan but not so confident still i need some practice text or call 816-806-8630 and help me please

  3. Hey Johnathan!
    my name is jason fuchs and i love this video! My story is that i went out with this guy named Matt Maus…and boy! wat a sweet heart. We were caught by our principal having sex in the lunch line.And i know wat you are thinking, HOW CAN TWO GUYS BE HAVING SEX WHILE WAITING FOR THEIR LUNCH?! Unbelievable huh? anyways he dumped me and i just can’t get him back. Fortunatley, i saw this vid and it brought back the most important part of my life :) Soon, we will Fuck! Thanks much

  4. I used the book Surviving a Breakup: Getting Back Your Ex For Good by Matthew Mehra to get my ex back. It is inexpensive and I got it through the Kindle store.

  5. Having relationship problems? need advice or just want to make your point clear?
    you can help somebody with something you may have experienced in a relationship.
    get INVOLVED! come discuss on the ‘The Love Life Specialist Show’
    The 1st episode is on my page. Go on there!!
    Are you ready for a relationship? be honest.

  6. i lost my gf… for being stupid…. i didnt love her before, but after we broke up, i cant stop thinking about her…. :(
    the worst is that i have new girlfriend… but i think about my ex everytime i see her… Now is too late :S
    Thumbs up is the heart is a bitch! x´(

  7. THERE ARE 1000+ MATCHES TO YOUR PERSONALITY ALONE IN YOUR CITY! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BE MORE SOCIAL, and thats it. just talk more and make sure to be yourself no relationships last on lies.

  8. hah my girl trys to turn things around as if i was the one that fked up in our relationship i tried telling her how i feel and what would be better for us but shes bipolar so its so dam hard to work it out and i still love her talking to her doesnt work and she says she loves me but shes more distant now like she doesnt give a shiit about me i dont get it.

  9. @jsla5 my ex girlfriend emily dumped me a 1 month ago and then i did a trick to become her friend and i really love her still, anyway i told her how i feel about her and she said she loved me to the same as this other guy and he asked her out and she said she doesnt know who to go out with…so i said to my self.if u love something that much let it free so i told her to go out with him….and she said but it will be hard for me and i said i dont care aslong as you are happy what does that makeme

  10. DONT BE NEEDY, DONT BE DEPENDT, GET FEMALE FRIENDS FOR FUK SAKE!!! and eventually u will fall in love with another

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