Full Circle – Amsterdam

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Full Circle – Amsterdam
the pick up artist

Image by Sailing “Footprints: Real to Reel” (Ronn ashore)
The lesson of a jacket:

He was young, he always had a notepad and usually a camera with him. An avid reader, rare were the occasions he did not have a book tucked into his jacket pocket or a bag. At the time he was reading "Wittgenstein’s Vienna".

One of his favorite quotes was from Pindar:

"O my soul, do not aspire to immortal life, but exhaust the limits of the possible."

She had been a dancer with Bejart and now just retired from dance, young, as many dancers do and was performing with the Koninklike Schouwburg theater in Den Haag doing a Dostovsky piece. I cannot recall if it was based on "The Brothers Karamazov" or "The Idiot".

They were in a cafe, and Janos, who had recently defected during the last years of socialist rule in Hungary, where he had been a disillusioned "leader of communist youth", picked up the camera and took a photo.

Janos later regretted to a some extent having left Hungary, as he discovered his dreams of the West were largely that, dreams. He eventually settled in Sweden. He always missed Hungary. I have been there several times. I understand him.

One thing that struck Janos was how people in Hungary had less freedom, but exploited the limits of their freedom intensely. Whereas in the West people had more freedom but actually took so little advantage of those freedoms that they frequently actually lived more constricted and less interesting lives.

She would later be paralyzed from the waist down in a car crash in Belgium when a young 18 year old drunk driver crashed into the car her brother was driving. She also partially lost use of her hands and arms. Currently she hosts radio programs.

He gave up photography but continued to write down ideas and occasional rhymes, accumulating a mass of notes he no longer knows what to do with. He gave up wandering and settled down running a small, fairly successful business. Later though, after a serious accident too, he again took up photography, sold everything and is currently living in Asia.

When this photo was taken he had gained a bit over 10 kilos over a couple of years. He was very thin before.

A few months after that young drunk driver had crashed into the car, although having had his license revoked, he stole his father’s car, drove drunk again, had another accident and sent the girl driving the other car into hospital with serious injuries.

The young drunk driver died in that second crash.

PS The jacket too has a story. During WWII the Americans often dropped supplies to the then Soviet Allies. Some of those supplies were foods or medicines. Sometimes military supplies meant for soldiers.

The jacket was a leather pilot’s jacket. AFter the war the man who had acquired it gave it to a young woman he was in love with at the Bolshoi. That woman later gave it to another, younger man, named Boris.

Boris left the Soviet union shortly before its demise, and came to Europe, where he became a fashion designer. The jacket he offered to the young man here as a gift. Later returning to the US with it the young man in the photo in turn gave it to a friend who was a pilot.

It had come full circle…


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