From shy and introverted to a PICK UP ARTIST, train with Kezia on her LAS VEGAS bootcamp


21 thoughts on “From shy and introverted to a PICK UP ARTIST

  1. This chick is the ONLY one who I will trust with advice when it comes to attracting women. Often times, women will give you very bad advise and typically its better to talk to guys who get lots of girls.

  2. the only reason people took this course was due to the fine ass which was leading it. Mystery and Co are on a much higher league.

  3. Pussies are designed to take pain.. look at childbirth. Balls are really weak. Why else do men go down in great pain when kicked in the balls? LOL! Go back under your rock sit down and stfu. ;) ;)

  4. Wear that scarf if you want to scare off any girl within 50 yards, basically advice on how to try and trick some girl into being into you. So you can use them ounce you’re in and then on to the next.

  5. To all the men hear me out: Kezia is on a mission(witchcraft); her target is weak men. Honestly every advise she gives is something one can figure out. If you take a critical look at all the men that advocates for her endearment, you will begin to decipher they seem naive regarding women. Either a woman likes you or she dont ! Some nice dudes wants to play with all 3,386,509,865 women in the world. Hence they cant take no from one single woman who rejected them. Kezia is surely ripping them of

  6. no matter what,,,you will have to pay for it!…….she is wired to want to have someone to look after her….that means you pay… provide the value….whether its semen or money….she needs you…so strut around like a peacock…she needs you… don’t be needy..

  7. …. We all have times when we just seem popular and draw people towards us, and that’s who you need to be. I’m not criticising the videos – they are spot on; I’m just doubting if we really need to do ‘the course’.

  8. ,,,This has distorted our attitudes towards meeting women and made us self-conscious and insecure, and in need of ‘training’. We wonder if we’re doing it right. (a similar process has happened with sex itself – I don’t need to be told how to have sex, but there is no shortage of ‘experts’ wanting to sell me a ‘course’). People often say ‘Just be yourself’, but this is wrong; it should be ‘Be yourself at your best’ (without excess alcohol) – the cheerful, silly but smart, confident, cheeky you.

  9. …It’s instinctual; why shouldn’t it be? What has happened is that men have been led away from the sense that meeting a mate is a natural event in one’s life and toward the belief that ‘pulling’ is somewhat of a sport, and of course all sports have rules, techniques, the how-to’s, and the how-not-to’s, the development of skills etc. etc. Cont..

  10. … I believe all men already ‘know’ how to go about it. They may not be conscious that they have this knowledge, but I believe it’s there in the depths of everyman’s mind, located within that part of the brain where ‘fun’ is (meeting women should always be within the context of fun). Cont….

  11. I’ve been looking at a few of your videos and something I feel uncomfortable with is the whole concept that something natural like simply meeting a mate is a kind of academic subject that need be taught and studied. ‘Tip’s and ‘pointers’ is one thing, but to talk of men going on an intensive course seems unnatural. Cont…

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