Franco Again

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Franco Again
dating advice

Image by krow10
Franco said that, unlike the last time I took his picture, this time he’d try to look a bit less like he wanted me dead (see comment below for original.) I think he mostly succeeded. Mostly.

So sometimes I vanity google. I license a lot of my images Creative Commons: Attribution, so they get uploaded to plenty of Royalty Free sites, where they occasionally get reused. I’m fine with this — I’m happy when someone can use my images to illustrate some new content they’re generating. I only wish there were some way short of vanity googling that I could find out when they’re being used. But, I can’t think of an easy way, so it is what it is.

In any case I was pretty pleased the other day to find one of my self portraits illustrating "The Older Guy" type on a dating blog post. One of the things I had tried to catch in the original image (see comment below) was my wrinkles — my middle age. That usage of the image tells me that at least one other person got that aspect of the image.

Rachel Begelman – The Entrepreneurial Econfidant
dating advice

Image by pursuethepassion
This entrepreneurial Econfidant told us how she took a skill of giving dating advice and combined that with her business knowledge to create a vibrant online resource. Read more about the 10,00 mile, 2 month, 75 interview cross country journey at


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