Eye-contact mistake when approaching women! – practical dating tips for men

practicalhappiness.com Make sure you don’t make this mistake when trying to make an eye contact with a woman! Meet hot, sexy girls and attractive women, flirt, seduce, lock eyes and keep eye contact with women. Meet women anywhere, pick up, pickup tips and lines, pua, player, cocky funny, confidence, rejection, and online dating tips.


25 thoughts on “Eye-contact mistake when approaching women! – practical dating tips for men

  1. that is easy to me, I never look in the eye, I only look in the eye if some idiot invades my space, so I look with ferocity (like I was saying back off bitch)

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  3. Ur not supposed to be a creep, when u lock for a little bit longer and nobody looks away just smile and say a simple Hi.. :)

  4. That’s why I wear sunglasses. I can stare at women all I want and they have absolutely no clue! It’s great for when a woman has a huge rack or nice ass.

  5. You are right on man. Confidence beats great looks any day, even though I’m a good looking guy (or so I’m told). I’m not that rich, either, though, but that doesn’t stop me from learning how to look a woman in the eyes with NO hesitation. A true man has principals.

  6. @oaudolt yeah its funny if you understand seduction who you can meet btw if you want the really powerful stuff this will get you started > bit.ly/Ih3y7T?=xpcqe

  7. At least, I felt “honored”, because I think I’m not good looking (relative anyway), however I think she was pretty and she even gave me the initial signal… LOL I’m such a looser!!!
    Next time, it hopefully won’t happen again in a fully crowded pizzeria in the afternoon, and then please without her ~50+ years old mother in tow… xD

    Thanks anyway for the strengthening “flowers” :-)

  8. Well, I don’t think I’m really ugly and people have told me I’m quite good- looking. But yeah, kinda think this girl isn’t interested

  9. He’s right..but he left out the most important part. If you make eye contact with a woman and there is mutual interest you have to get up right then and approach. If you keep making and breaking eye contact with a woman repeatedly then you have already shown her what you are… weak, hesitant, unsure of yourself, possibly a creep. Just naturally get up off your bar stool and casually but confidently approach.

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