Elections: Drunk Times with Hot Girls

Do hot girls know the political issues we face in this upcoming 2012 election? Jesse asks hot girls about their political beliefs for a better America. GET B…

Ever felt scared of talking to girls? Here’s how we do it. Watch me pick up girls at the beach. Get connected with me! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aryi…


41 thoughts on “Elections: Drunk Times with Hot Girls

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  5. Keeps saying sexuality things when not asked to, smokes marijuana everyday, likes abortion, wtf! This woman is crazy lol

  6. Good shit bro, allow me to be an advertiser of your channel, I can see a lot of potential here. Just keep the videos coming.

  7. This was actually recorded with an iphone cam. However, I recommend the canon rebel series, that’s what I’m getting soon

  8. Dude, can you please tell me what camera do you use? I want to do something similar in public, but shit I don’t know how to start… : Thanks!

  9. “are you on something” when asked multiple times, it means your energy is too high and you’re being weird.

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