Eharmony cat girl DAting video review by Tom

Talking Tom the cat’s review of the crazy eharmony cat girl dating video
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Listen up, American garçons. Have you always wanted to seduce that sexy French chick? French electro pop star Yelle gives tips on how to succeed in the dating game. Watch the full Yelle video interview at
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 thoughts on “Eharmony cat girl DAting video review by Tom

  1. Americans already have humor just look at the way male blondes look. And they are romantic just look at their porn movies

  2. @kaleidoscar actually, french girls doesn’t look like Yelle. I know what I say because I’m french. It’s crap, because she has short hair and brown eyes she’s a image of french girls .. ? WTF ? I have no friends with shorts hairs so, I don’t think it’s popular here, yes, it could be just parisian mode and Paris IS NOT France ! It’s just a city !

  3. Quit making fun of the way she speaks English. HER MOTHER TONGUE IS FRENCH, you imbeciles.
    Also, I don’t see any of you with camera up in your face on YT.
    So lay off with the, “She’s ugly, oh her teeth, oh her hair@
    Nobody’s perfect you picky twats.
    J’adore Yelle et vous on belle :)
    Aussi, j’adore vous chanson ;P
    Perdon ma French. :) C’est pas bien mdr.

  4. Not all French chicks are romantic. That’s a shame. I’ve always believed they were.:/ Thanx anyway, Yelle.;)

  5. I’m french and i can tell you that yea first we have way better teeth than Yelle lol and second, she’s right : we like funny self confident men , even if they’re not absolutely perfect physically they got a shot with us if they make us laugh and are not too shy. Oh and the accent makes you look absolutely irresistible guys ;)

  6. Incorrect! Learn to speak french with an accent! Women love men with accents, it’s a worldwide phenomena. It marks you as foreign, exotic, and unattainable. All of which just happens to work in your favor. I’ve even invented accents before just to get with girls in the US. I paraded as Giovanni Feliz for almost six months with a girl.

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