Drive By Pick Up Lines 8

Sorry for the late video, I spent all weekend getting my motorcycle license. Motorcycle Pick Up Lines anyone? SHARE ON FACEBOOK! Follow me on Twitter if you like nipples keywords: drive by pick up lines driveby pickup lines garryandbrad drive by insults compliments how to pick up girls PUA pick up artist funny hot girls women best joke ever best pick up line ever nigahiga lahwf Andrew Hales will you kiss me random wingman awkward moments in public pranks hot girls funny pranks justforlaughstv edbassmaster collegehumor jackass social experiments behavioral psychology kassemg LifeAccordingToJimmy prank drive by pick up lines 7 no-not-you-ing no not youing drive by pick up lines 8 part 8 drive by pick up lines
Video Rating: 4 / 5



50 thoughts on “Drive By Pick Up Lines 8

  1. In my opinion, your channel is special because you bring smiles to us and to the people to joke around with , especial moms, you are awesome guys :)
    GOD bless you

  2. You will never truly know what made the Universe, so it’s pretty stupid to call yourself a 100% Science believer or a 100% Religion believer.

    I’m on the fence.

  3. religion is false stupid and shouldn’t even exist so….i think it’s much more smart to be sensitive about something that is real and around u than about something like religion or god, wow, i don’t really give a fuck

  4. yeah whatever, but thoughts like the one you did are just sad. of if u don’t like animals, but that’s it, u sound like u would kill them all dude

  5. First get the education to write in proper grammar, then try to figure out that I knew he was a troll, then don’t comment something stupid, because I saw his profile picture before you did,

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